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Meanyn Sheshoil & Screeuyn Naight

Social Media & Newsletter

Through social media you can:

  • Connect with other Gaelgeyryn (Manx speakers)
  • Loayr Gaelg (Speak Manx)
  • Keep up to date with events and projects in the Manx language community

…wherever you are in the world!

The hashtags #gaelg, #manx and #manxlanguage are widely used on platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, when people post in, or about, Manx. You can use these to search for and follow other Manx speakers, groups, or people interested in the language, as well as including the hashtags in your own posts. Gow ayrn – join in!

Our social media accounts for Learn Manx are:

Facebook @LearnManx
Twitter @greinneyder
Instagram @learnmanx  

Culture Vannin also moderates a community Facebook group called ‘Ynsee Gaelg’, which is a useful tool for connecting with other Manx speakers and seeking advice or recommendations. 

You can find information about, plus contact details and social media links for, other Manx language organisations here. 

Mailing List

If you would like to sign up to the Learn Manx mailing list, please fill in your details below. Newsletters are sent out on average every three weeks, featuring news from the Manx language community, and are a great way of finding out about upcoming events, classes, opportunities, and new resources. If you are interested in other aspects of Manx culture then you can sign up to one of Culture Vannin’s other email mailing lists through the form below. You can unsubscribe at any time.