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Almost 50 new Learn Manx YouTube videos available

2021 was a busy year for us here at Learn Manx! Almost 50 new videos, in or about the Manx language, were created, and are now all available to watch via our YouTube channel. Featuring high-energy beginner videos with the immensely popular theatre company 'Hello Little People', a series exploring Manx Gaelic place names, and immersive videos about history, heritage and folklore (as well as much more), there's really something for everyone. 

Almost 800 videos are available to watch on the Learn Manx YouTube channel. From useful phrases for beginners, immersive material in Manx, through to lectures, mini lessons and songs, there's a myriad of material to explore. We look forward to sharing some brand new videos with you in 2022!

Published: Fri, 11 Mar 2022