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Bannaghtyn y Nollick - Learn some Christmas Greetings in Manx!

Bannaghtyn! Greetings! Why not use some Manx in your Christmas cards this year, or say a festive greeting to somebody ayns Gaelg (in Manx)? Below, you'll find a list of traditional and contemporary phrases and sayings, along with this link to a helpful soundfile to get you going! 

Nollick Ghennal - Merry Christmas! 

Nollick Ghennal as Blein Vie Noa! - Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

Bannaghtyn - Blessings / Greetings 

Lesh yeearreeyn share - With best wishes 

Lesh yeearreeyn share son y Nollick as y Vlein Noa - With best wishes for Christmas and the New Year 

Lesh yeearreeyn share ec yn imbagh casherick shoh - With best wishes at this holy season

Shee as boggey erriu - Peace and joy to you (plural/formal)

Shee as boggey ort - Peace and joy to you (singular)

Lesh shee as graih - With peace and love

Hee'm oo 'sy vlein noa - See you (singular) in the new year

Hee'm shiu 'sy vlein noa - See you (plural/formal) in the new year

Shee erriu car ny bleeaney shoh cheet - Peace to you (plural) throughout the coming year 

Part of a traditional Manx blessing:

Nollick Ghennal erriu, as blein feer vie, Seihll as slaynt da'n slane lught-thie 
Merry Christmas to you, and a very good year, Long-life and health to the whole household

Some other phrases and words worth knowing:

Kaart Nollick - Christmas Card

Carval - Christmas Carol

Laa Nollick - Christmas Day

Jough y Nollick - Christmas drink

Oie'll Voirrey - Christmas Eve

Billey Nollick - Christmas Tree

Jishag y Nollick - Father Christmas

Fer Sniaghtee - Snowman 



Published: Wed, 01 Dec 2021