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Celtic Students Conference, March 2023

Join the Celtic Students Conference 2023! The Association of Celtic Students (formerly: of Ireland and Britain) will be holding their tenth annual conference from the 30th March to the 1st April 2023. This is an international conference organised by and for university students working in the broad field of Celtic Studies all throughout the Celtic nations, and beyond. The programme presents a wide range of research papers on Celtic languages, peoples, literatures, histories, and cultures. They will also host papers in several languages, including Manx, Irish, Welsh, Scottish Gaelic, Cornish, and English.

The Celtic Students Conference will be a hybrid event, welcoming guests both in person at the University of Glasgow and through their online Conference Hub.

Please see the following link for registration and forthcoming programme details: This event has kindly been supported by Culture Vannin. If you have any questions, drop the organisers an email


Bee-jee linn ec y Cho-Haggloo Ynseydee Cheltish 2023! Bee yn 10oo co-haggloo bleeanoil jeh’n Sheshaght Ynseydee Cheltish (roie: Nerin as Vretin Vooar) goll er yn 30oo Mayrnt - 1oo Averil 2023. She co-haggloo eddyr-ashoonagh vees ayn, ta reaghit liorish as son studeyryn ta jannoo aa-ronsaghey bentyn da’n Studeyrys Celtiagh ayns ollooscoillyn ooilley feie’n teihll Celtiagh. Trooid magh y taghyrt, bee studeyryn cur pabyryn er ram cooishyn anchasley, goaill stiagh ny çhengaghyn Celtiagh, pobblyn, lettyraght, shenn-oaylleeaght, as cultoor. Neesht, t'ad soieaghey jeh pabyryn ayns ram chengaghyn, goaill stiagh Gaelg Vanninagh, Yernish, Bretnish, Gaelg ny Halbey, Kernowish, as Baarle.

Bee y Cho-Haggloo Ynseydee Cheltish taghyrt hybrid, my ta bee ad cur failt er sleih dy persoonagh ec yn Ollooscoill Glaschu as er-linney er y Chree Cho-Haggloo oc neesht. Foddee oo cur ennym sheese as fakin ny smoo fysseree mychione y cho-haggloo ec y kiangley shoh: S’treisht lhieu dy ‘akin oo aynshen! My ta feyshtyn erbee ayd, foddee oo cur post-l huc

Published: Mon, 06 Feb 2023