Dedicated to the Gaelic Language of the Isle of Man

Cooish 2018: Postcards for schools

During this year's Cooish - Manx Language Festival - the Department of Education Manx Language Team will be working with year 6s in the Island's schools to get them to write postcards in Manx. IOM Post have kindly donated each school with 20 extra stamps and special postcards for the children and some easy phrases to use on the postcards are to be found below.

Moghrey mie - Good morning      Fastyr mie - Good afternoon

Bannaghtyn - greetings               Charrey veen - Dear friend

Kys t'ou? - How are you?            Kys ta reddyn? - How are things?

Ta mee maynrey screeu ayns Gaelg - I'm happy writing in Manx

Cre t'ou jannoo jiu - What are you doing today?

Ta'n emshyr braew, nagh vel? - The weather is fine, isn't it?

Ta'n emshyr agglagh jiu, nagh vel? - The weather is terrible today, isn't it?

Ta mee ec Scoill... - I'm at School...

S'mie lhiam - I like

Shooyl - walking      Snaue - swimming      cloie bluckan coshey - playing football

Screeu - writing        lhiah - reading

Cre smie lhiat jannoo? - What do you like doing?

S'mie lhiam loayrt as gynsagh Gaelg - I like speaking and learning Manx 

Vel biggin ayd? - Do you have a pet?

Ta moddey aym - I have a dog      Ta kayt aym - I have a cat 

Ta stubbin aym - I have a Manx cat     Ta roddan-puissagh aym - I have a hamster 

Gura mie ayd -  Thank you

Lesh yeearreeyn share - With best wishes

Lhiats - Yours

Slane lhiat - Goodbye

Gaelg aboo! - Hurrah for Manx!



Published: Thu, 01 Jan 1970