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Cooish 2023 - call for events and ideas!

Ta shin smooinaghtyn er y Chooish! We are thinking about the Cooish Manx Language Festival!
Bee feailley yn vlein shoh er 1ed – 5oo  Mee Houney 2023. This year’s festival will be 1st – 5th November 2023 

Cre’n sorch dy haghyrtyn by vie lhiat olteynyn Yeebin dy smooinaghtyn er son feaillaghyn sy traa ry-heet? By vie lhiat hene taghyrt y reaghey mleeaney? Insh dooin!
What sort of events would you like Jeebin members to consider for future festivals? Would you like to organise an event this year? Tell us!

Kys ta’n Chooish gobbraghey - How the Cooish works:

Ta’n feailley co-oardit as currit er e hoshiaght liorish y Ghreinneyder (Oaseir Lhiasee Gaelgagh ec Culture Vannin).
Yn Greinneyder (Manx Language Development Officer for Culture Vannin) coordinates and promotes the festival.

Foddee peiagh erbee taghyrt y chummal – cur fys dooin roish 1ed Boaldyn dagh blein, shen ooilley!
Anyone can put on an event – just let us know by 1st May each year! 

Cur post-L hooin my t'ou laccal reaghey red ennagh.
Send an email to us if you want to organise something.

Published: Mon, 20 Feb 2023