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Cooish Manx Language festival 2022 dates and programme

Tue, 26 Jul 2022

Cooish Manx Language Festival 2022
Claare Shallidagh – Provisional Programme

(All events free, unless otherwise stated)
Booking details (where applicable) will be added - please check back at a later date

Jecrean 2ah Mee Houney / Weds 2nd November:

• 12.20pm – 12.50pm - Pop-up beginner lunchtime lesson for adult learners hosted by Culture Vannin.
   Venue: Henry Bloom Noble Library, Douglas

• 1.20pm – 1.50pm – Pop-up beginner lunchtime lesson for adult learners hosted by Culture Vannin.
   Venue: Henry Bloom Noble Library, Douglas

•  7pm - “From Peel to Fleshwick from the Sea”: An illustrated talk given in Manx featuring landmarks, history, fishing and marine life.
   Hosted by Adam  Horne + Jo Callister Venue: Ebenezer Hall, Kirk Michael. Entry £2 (including refreshments)

Jerdein 3oo November / Thurs 3rd November:

• 12 - 2pm Pop-up Gaeltaght: Lunch and Manx conversation, hosted by Pobble. Meet other Manx speakers and chat. All welcome!
   Venue: Noa Bakehouse, Douglas.

• 7pm – 9pm: Musical and pre-school songs / Arraneyn ny Cloieyn-kiaullee as Ro-scoillyn: Wallow in nostalgia with this opportunity to relive twenty-    five years of rhymes and songs from Mooinjer Veggey and the Bunscoill Ghaelgagh. Former and current pupils, parents and Gaelgeyryn can relive the      inspired performances of shows gone by, and their first steps at nursery. Cup of tea anyone? 😉
  Hosted by Mooinjer Veggey and the Bunscoill Ghaelgagh. Venue: Methodist Hall, St John’s

• 9pm onwards – Manx conversation at the Whitehouse: all welcome to join Jonathan Ayres and friends.
Venue: Whitehouse Pub, Peel

Jeheiney 4oo / Friday 4th:

• 10am – 11am – Manx conversation at Mad Hatter’s with Tantaran. All welcome! Venue: Mad Hatter’s Café, Ramsey

• 11am (approx. 1 hour) – Guided walk in Manx around Ramsey with Tantaran. Venue: Meet at the green on East Street, opposite Penny Farthing. Weather dependent – please see this page for updates nearer the time

• 1pm – “Lunchtime Listens: Unlocking the Manx language Sound Archives”: Hundreds of sound recordings, including Manx language recordings, have recently been digitised and made freely available online. In this talk, delivered through English, Assistant Curator Nicola Tooms of MNH will tell you about the project and we will listen to some of the digitised recordings. Hosted by Manx National Heritage. Venue: House of Manannan, Peel.

• 7pm – Cruinnaght Vanninagh Ashoonagh. Back by popular demand! An entertaining evening of informal competitive classes, with something for all ages and levels of Manx speakers! £5 adults, £2 children. Hosted by Yn Chruinnaght Venue: Corrin Hall, Peel

Jesarn 5oo / Saturday 5th:

• 11 am – 4pm: Cooish, Cappan as Croo Come along to this pop-in event featuring:

  • short workshops and performances
  • Manx language organisations and charities
  • Manx language crafts
  • story-time sessions (in Manx) for children
  • delicious refreshments available to purchase
  • the opportunity to chat and play games in Manx

Hosted by Culture Vannin, in conjunction with the Manx language community Venue: The Institute, Laxey

Jedoonee 6oo / Sunday 6th:

• 11am – 12pm Catchy Christmas songs in Manx for beginners. Led by Culture Vannin. Venue: House of Mananan

• 2pm – 3pm Christmas songs in Manx for intermediate learners. Led by Culture Vannin. Venue: Culture Vannin, St. John’s

• 3pm – 4pm – Manx conversation - Meet other Manx speakers and chat over a cappan dy hey and some berreen. All welcome!
   Hosted by Yn Cheshaght Ghailckagh. Venue: Green’s Café, St. John’s