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Leaghtyn yn Ouyr: Learn Something in Manx. Sign up to these free autumn lectures

Bee Paayl Rogers jannoo kiare leaghtyn son Culture Vannin, eddyr Jemayrt 27 Mean Fouyir as Jemayrt 18 Jerrey Fouyir (7.30pm - 9pm). Tar as ynsee red ennagh ayns Gailck!  Bee ad goll er cummal ec Thie Culture Vannin, ayns Balley Keeill Eoin.

Four FREE autumn lectures, delivered through Manx by Paul Rogers as part of Culture Vannin's development work, will be taking place in-person at Culture Vannin, St. John's. Though sessions are free to attend, donations to support the development work of Culture Vannin would be greatly appreciated. Space is limited, and so it is necessary to sign up in advance - spaces will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis. You can sign up to all, or some, of the sessions, here: Survey Monkey link for Leaghtyn yn Ouyr or by emailing gaelg(at) 

The four sessions are as follows:

27th September (7.30pm - 9pm): Ny Bretnee ayns Patagonia - a history of the Welsh speaking colony in Argentina established in the 19th century.

4th October (7.30pm - 9pm): Recortyssey y Ghlare Vanninagh - A history of recording the Manx language from the notebooks of Rhys and Marstrander to the archive sound recordings made by the Irish Folklore Commision.

11th October (7.30pm - 9pm): Recortys Reeaghyn Vannin as ny Hellanyn - a look at the history of the medieval Manx chronicle, some of the events recorded in it, and its translation into Manx.

18th October (7.30pm - 9pm) **PLEASE NOTE: this is now at a later date than that which was originally advertised** Aght-screeuee ny Gailckey - the various orthographies of Manx over the centuries starting with Bishop Phillip's Prayer Book in 1610, the literary standard of the Manx Bible and also can/should Manx be written like Irish and Scottish Gaelic?


Published: Thu, 01 Sep 2022