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Lend your voice! New recording project featuring short stories

The Gaelic Broadcasting Committee is looking for confident Manx speakers to record stories from Sophia Morrison's Skeealyn Mooinjer Veggey Vannin (Manx Fairy Tales).

The committee would like to feature a breadth of different voices and ages. Chosen participants would get the chance to record at Manx Radio, although if you are a Manx speaker who is based internationally, and have access to high-quality recording equipment, we would also like to hear from you. Participants would also receive a nominal fee for their time.

A total of eleven stories will be allocated to up to ten participants. The average length of each story is 4-5 pages long (circa 650 - 800 words).  

To be considered, please send a recording of yourself reading a section of 'Yn Lhiannoo Gyn Ennym' by Sunday 28th January. This will help the Gaelic Broadcasting Committee to choose a range of voices. The text can be found at the bottom of this page, or found on pages 43 and 44 of the book Skeealyn Mooinjer Veggey Vannin (from "She oie rehollys vraew" to the second "dooyrt Illiam").

This can be recorded on a mobile device or similar and emailed to gaelg(at) 

Section of 'Yn Lhiannoo Gyn Ennym':

She oie rehollys vraew, aalin v'ayn tra v'eh cheet noal voish yn aahley, as tra v'eh faggys da Gob yn Ushtey, cheayll eh dobberan as keayney. Lhie eh er ny maidjyn echey as deaisht eh. Cheayll eh lhiannoo beg keayney reesht as reeshtagh: "She lhiannoo beg gyn ennym mee!"
"Tayrn ny sniessey da'n thalloo," dooyrt Illiam tra cheayll eh eh. Hayrn ad chionn stiagh, as honnick eh dy baghtal lhiannoo beg er y traie cummal cainle foaddit ayns e laue. 
"Shee bannee mee, my voght, shegin dooin cur ennym ort!" dooyrt Illiam.


Published: Fri, 19 Jan 2024