Dedicated to the Gaelic Language of the Isle of Man

New online resource to help families use more Manx in the home

Culture Vannin has digitised and uploaded over 800 sound files to, to help people to use Manx in the home. This amazing resource was created many years ago by Dr. Brian Stowell, entitled 'Gaelg son Mummigyn as Jishagyn', which means 'Manx for Mums and Dads'. It has a treasure trove of useful phrases, which can be used not only by parents, but also by any family member. Whether you want to incorporate some Manx at dinner time or into your bedtime routine, or just want to explore some new phrases, there is lots to learn from! 

You can find the soundfiles online via this link: Gaelg son Mummigyn as Jishagyn. Click on the chapter that you would like to find phrases for, and you will find a list of sound files. 

Our thanks go to Mooinjer Veggey for their permission to make this resource available online. 

Published: Thu, 01 Feb 2024