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University student seeks assistance with research into visible Manx in public places

Can you help a linguistics student at the University of Manchester?

University student, Santiago Chau Principe, is appealing to the Manx language community to help him identify the use of Manx in public places:

"I am looking for people around the Isle of Man who have created or own signs that contain the Manx language. These “signs” could be any text that is displayed to the public: a shop’s name, any kind of poster, graffiti, Manx house signs, etc. “Public” can also include the inside of a building, such as menus in a restaurant — as long as any person is able to see it. The sign doesn’t need to be entirely in Manx! My research focuses on finding out why people have chosen to include Manx in these signs and what are some of the choices made for the sign. If you are interested in participating, contact me through this email: Gura mie eu!"

Gura mie eu son cooney lesh Santiago: thank you for helping Santiago!

Published: Thu, 25 Jan 2024