Dedicated to the Gaelic Language of the Isle of Man
Yn Eiraght Americaanagh

The American Inheritance

The American Inheritance part eleven

The American Inheritance 11.1.1   

Ealee, Juan and Kirree go back   
to Ealee and Juan’s house.   

There is a police car outside    
the house.   

When he sees them coming,   
Inspector Jones gets out of the car.     

Inspector Jones: Excuse me, Kirree,   
can I have a word with you?   
Kirree: Sure. The same room?   

They go into the house and shut    
themselves in the sitting room.   

Ealee: She’s got hold of the house    
now! But maybe this is the    
end of her!   

Ealee and Juan await    
the outcome with great interest.   

The American Inheritance 11.1.2     

At last, Inspector Jones and Kirree                             
come out.   

Ealee is very surprised to hear    
what Inspector Jones has to say.   

Inspector Jones: Thank you for the   
use of the house
I’m pleased to say everything   
is sorted out now.   
Excuse us for inconveniencing   
you.  Goodbye!   
Ealee:    Er.....Goodbye!   

The policemen drive off.                                   
Juan looks at Ealee with     
raised eyebrows.    

Juan: What happened?   
Kirree: He gave me my passport back.   
Juan:That’s good. But what’s this    
Kirree: Let’s sit down and I’ll        
tell you.   

The American Inheritance 11.1.3   

Kirree has a wonderful story.   

It’s difficult for Ealee and Juan      
to believe it.   

Kirree: The Inspector said he couldn’t   
tell me all he knew
and that isn’t a great deal!   
Ealee: Tell us, please!   
Kirree: It looks as though it’s    
concerned with trying to launder    
dirty money from America in   
the Isle of Man and other countries.   
Juan: Good God! The Inspector said   
Kirree: Not like that directly,   
but that’s what he meant.   
Ealee:But why did they take    
your passport?   
Kirree: Have you got an hour or two?   
Juan: I think so.   
Yn Eiraght Americaanagh 11.1.1

Ta Ealee, Juan as Kirree goll erash
dys thie Ealee as Juan.

Ta carr-pollys çheu-mooie jeh’n

Tra t’eh fakin ad çheet,
ta’n Scruteyr Jones çheet magh ass
y gleashtan.

Gow-shiu my leshtal, Chirree,
noddym taggloo riu?
Son shickyrys.  Yn çhamyr cheddin?

T’ad goll stiagh sy thie as jeigh
ad hene sy çhamyr-soie.

T’ee er ghlackey’n thie
nish!  Agh foddee dy vel shoh’n
jerrey jee!

Ta Ealee as Juan fuirraghtyn rish
yn eiyrtys lesh anaase mooar.

Yn Eiraght Americaanagh 11.1.2

Fy yerrey, ta’n Scruteyr Jones as
Kirree çheet magh.

Ny ta’n Scruteyr Jones gra, t’eh
cur yindys mooar er Ealee.

Gura mie eu son
ymmyd y thie.
S’mie lhiam gra dy vel dy chooilley
nhee reaghit nish.
Gow-shiu nyn leshtal son cur ass
shiu.  Slane lhiu!
Er....Slane lhiu!

Ta ny meoiryn-shee gimman
Ta Juan jeeaghyn er Ealee as ny
molleeyn echey yrjit.

C’red ren taghyrt?
Hug eh dou my chied-troailt erash.
S’mie shen.  Agh c’red ta bun y
chooish shoh?
Lhig dooin soie sheese as nee’m
ginsh diu.

Yn Eiraght Americaanagh 11.1.3

Ta skeeal yindyssagh ec Kirree.

S’doillee da Ealee as Juan
eh y chredjal.

Dooyrt y Scruteyr nagh dod eh
ginsh dou gagh red as fys echeysyn
er - as cha nel shen monney!
Insh dooinyn, my sailt!
T’eh jeeaghyn dy vel eh
bentyn rish prowal dy niee
argid sollagh veih America ayns
Mannin as çheeraghyn elley.
Yee saue shin! Dooyrt y Scruteyr
Cha nee myr shen dy jeeragh,
agh shen ny v’eh çheet er.
Agh cre’n fa ren ad goaill
dty chied-troailt?
Vel oor ny ghaa eu?
Er lhiam dy vel.

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