Dedicated to the Gaelic Language of the Isle of Man
Yn Eiraght Americaanagh

The American Inheritance

The American Inheritance part five

The American Inheritance 5.1.1

Kirree would like to go out looking for
her ‘family farm’.

Juan: Shall we go on the electric
railway to Ramsey?
You get some beautiful views.
Ealee: Don’t be silly!
We’ll be looking for this farm.
Juan: Oh, yes..we’ll have to go
in the car.
Ealee: Is there petrol in it?
Juan: Yes. I got some yesterday.

They make sandwiches and set off.

They go through Onchan,
Laxey and Maughold.

Kirree: It’s beautiful country,
sure enough.
Ealee: That’s Ramsey down there.
Kirree: The land’s flat over there.
Ealee: That’s rare in the Isle of Man.
Juan: Ballaugh is a few
miles from here.
Maybe we’ll be looking for
a farm called ‘Ballacrennell’. .
Kirree: Why?
Juan: Wasn’t your grandfather’s
surname ‘Crennell’?
Ealee: Don’t be joking!

The American Inheritance 5.1.2

Juan drives the car round
the Curraghs.

Kirree: The land isn’t too good
round here.
Juan: No. As one old man said:
‘All soft land in Ballaugh’

Ealee: We’ll have to look in the
records to find out about that farm.

Kirree: I guess so. I knew
it wouldn’t be easy.
Juan: It’s a beautiful day.
Let’s stop for a picnic.
Ealee: As long as there aren’t too
many flies.

They park the car in a
convenient place and eat the

The American Inheritance 5.1.3

Juan: It looks like rain now.
Ealee: Wonderful!
Let’s get into the car.
Juan: We can go back through
Michael and Peel.
Kirree: Are there any other towns?
Juan: Yes, Castletown, Port Erin
and Port St Mary in the south.
Kirree: Are there hills everywhere
except for this place?
Juan: Yes, mostly.
There are mountains
in the middle of the Island
There’s a gap between
Douglas and Peel.
Ealee: Let’s go now. It’s raining.

They drive through Michael
and pay a brief visit to Peel.

Then they drive back to Douglas,
passing through St John’s,
Crosby and Union Mills.
Yn Eiraght Americaanagh 5.1.1

By vie lesh Kirree goll magh shirrey
‘gowaltys e lught-thie’.

Jeanmayd goll er y raad-yiarn
lectragh dys Rhumsaa?
Ta reayrtyn aalin ry-akin.
Ny bee bolvaneagh!
Beemayd shirrey son y gowaltys shoh.
Oh, she..bee orrin goll
ayns y ghleashtan.
Vel pedryl ayn?
Ta. Hooar mee paart jea.

T’ad jannoo braghtanyn as goll rhymboo.

T’ad goll trooid Kione Droghad,
Laksaa as Skyll Maghal.

She çheer aalin t’ayn,
kiart dy liooar.
Shen Rhumsaa heese ayns shen.
Ta’n thalloo rea ayns shid.
S’goan shen ayns Mannin.
Ta Balley ny Loghey kuse dy
veeilaghyn voish shoh.
Foddee dy beemayd shirrey son
gowaltys enmyssit ‘Ballacrennell’
Cre’n fa?
Nagh nee ‘Crennell’ va’n sliennoo
er yn çhaner ayd?
Ny bee spotçhal!

Yn Eiraght Americaanagh 5.1.2

Ta Juan gimman y gleashtan
mygeayrt ny Curreeyn.

Cha nel y thalloo ro vie
ayns shoh.
Cha nel. Myr dooyrt shenn dooinney dy row:
‘Ooilliu thalloo bog ayns Balley ny

Bee orrin jeeaghyn er ny
recortyssyn dy ‘eddyn magh
mychione y gowaltys shen.

Er lhiam dy bee. Va fys aym
nagh beagh eh aashagh.
She laa aalin t’ayn.
Lhig dooin scuirr son lhongey-mooie.
Choud’s nagh vees rouyr
quaillagyn ayn.

T’ad pairkal y gleashtan ayns
boayl cooie as gee ny

Yn Eiraght Americaanagh 5.1.3

T’eh jeeaghyn rish fliaghey nish.
Stiagh sy ghleashtan lhien.
Fodmayd goll erash trooid
Skylley Maayl as Purt ny h-Inshey.
Vel baljyn elley ayn?
Ta, Balley Chashtal, Purt Çhiarn
as Purt le Moirrey sy jiass.
Vel crink dy chooilley voayl
er-lhimmey jeh’n voayl shoh?
Ta, son y chooid smoo.
Ta sleityn ayns mean yn Ellan.

Ta baarney eddyr
Doolish as Purt ny h-Inshey.
Hooin roin nish. T’eh ceau.

T’ad gimman trooid Skylley Maayl
as cur shilley beg er Purt ny h-Inshey.

Eisht t’ad gimman erash dys Doolish,
goll trooid Balley Keeill Eoin,
Crosby as Mywllin Doo Aah.

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