Dedicated to the Gaelic Language of the Isle of Man
Yn Eiraght Americaanagh

The American Inheritance

The American Inheritance part four

The American Inheritance 4.1.1   

Ealee and Juan decide to go      
with Kirree to the Museum.      
Kirree: Are you sure you can come?   
Ealee: Yes, certainly.  We’re on      
Kirree: You’ve both got jobs?   
Ealee: Yes, office jobs - nine to five.   
Juan: We can walk to work   
and come home for lunch.   
Kirree:  Isn’t that wonderful!   
I couldn’t work in an office.   
It would be boring.   
Ealee:  It’s not boring at all...   
It’s quite exciting
Juan: Is it?  Anyway, are we ready?   
Ealee: Let’s go!   

The American Inheritance 4.1.2   

Ealee, Juan and Kirree walk     
down to the Museum.    
It’s a wet and windy day.   
They go into the Museum.   

Kirree: I’m glad to be in here!   
Is the weather often like this?       
Juan: Quite often. You get used to it.   
Ealee: Look, Kirree - here’s     
a big map of the Island.   
Juan: It’s fifty three kilometres    
long and twenty two      
kilometres wide.   
Kirree:  What’s that in miles?   
Juan: Thirty three miles long    
and thirteen miles wide.   
Ealee: You’re like a tourists’ book!   
Juan: Get away!   
If you go west, there’s Ireland..   
Juan:  And if you go east,     
there’s England..   

Ealee: There’s Scotland in the north,   
and Wales in the south..   
Kirree: And where are we now?   
Ealee: Here, in the middle,   
on the east side of the Island.   
Kirree: That farm will be up here      
somewhere, then.   
Ealee: Yes, in the ‘Great North’,   
near Ramsey, maybe.

The American Inheritance 4.1.3   

Ealee, Juan and Kirree look     
at the stones and slabs which were     
made by the ancient Celts and    
Kirree doesn’t think much of them.   
Juan is disappointed.   
He likes the old stones.   
Kirree: I prefer people to things.   
Ealee: What about the old Manx    
Kirree: Is there anything about    
Ealee: Yes, certainly.     
There’s a film about it and      
lots about farming downstairs.   

They watch the short film and   
then they go down to look     
at the interior of the old    
Manx house.   

Kirree: I can believe   
my ancestors lived in a     
house like this.   
Are there any records here    
about farms?   
Juan:  It’s best to go to the      
Records Office.

They go back to Ealee and Juan’s    
Yn Eiraght Americaanagh 4.1.1

Ta Ealee as Juan reih dy gholl
marish Kirree gys y Thie Tashtee.

Vel shiu shickyr dy vod shiu çheet?
Ta, son shickyrys.  Ta laghyn
seyrey ain.
Ta kiartaghyn ec y jees eu?
Ta, kiartaghyn-offish -nuy gys queig.
Fodmayd shooyl gys yn obbyr
as çheet dy valley son kirbyl.
Nagh vel shen yindyssagh!
Cha noddins obbraghey ayns offish.
Veagh eh dree.
Cha nel eh dree noadyr...
T’eh greesaghey dy liooar ny
Vel?  Ansherbee, vel shin aarloo?
Hooin roin!
Yn Eiraght Americaanagh 4.1.2

Ta Ealee, Juan as Kirree shooyl
sheese gys y Thie Tashtee.
She laa fliugh as geayagh t’ayn.
T’ad goll stiagh sy Thie Tashtee.

S’mie lhiam ve sthie ayns shoh!
Vel yn emshyr myr shoh dy
Mennick dy liooar. T’ou çheet dy ve
cliaghtit rish.
Jeeagh, Chirree - shoh
caslys-çheerey mooar jeh’n Ellan.
T’eh tree kilomeadar jeig as daeed
er liurid as daa chilomeadar as
feed er lheead.
Cre shen ayns meeilaghyn?
Tree meeiley jeig as feed er liurid
as tree meeiley jeig er lheead.
T’ou goll rish lioar-skibbyltee!
Ersooyl lhiat!
My t’ou goll sheear, shen Nerin..
As my t’ou goll shiar,
shen Sostyn..

Shen Nalbin ayns y twoaie,
as Bretin ayns y jiass..
As c’raad ta shinyn nish?
Ayns shoh, ayns y vean,
er y çheu hiar jeh’n Ellan.
Bee y gowaltys shen heose ayns
shoh boayl ennagh, myr shen.
Bee, ayns y ‘Twoaie Vooar’,
faggys da Rhumsaa, foddee.

Yn Eiraght Americaanagh 4.1.3

Ta Ealee, Juan as Kirree jeeaghyn
er ny claghyn as lhic va
jeant ec ny shenn Cheltiee as
Cha nel Kirree coontey monney jeu.
Ta Juan mollit.
S’mie leshyn ny shenn chlaghyn.

Share lhiam sleih na reddyn.
Cre mysh ny shenn loayrtee
Vel red erbee ayn mychione
yn eirinys?
Ta, son shickyrys. 
Ta fillym ayn my-e-chione as
ram mychione yn eirinys heese.

T’ad jeeaghyn er y fillym giare as
eisht t’ad goll sheese dy yeeaghyn
er çheu-sthie yn çhenn thie

Foddym credjal dy row ny
shennayraghyn aym cummal ayns
thie myr shoh.
Vel recortyssyn erbee ayns shoh
mychione gowaltyssyn?
Share goll dys
Oik ny Recortyssyn.

T’ad goll erash dys thie Ealee as

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