Dedicated to the Gaelic Language of the Isle of Man
Yn Eiraght Americaanagh

The American Inheritance

The American Inheritance part seven

The American Inheritance 7.1.1   

The following day, Juan suggests   
they go to the Records Office.        
For some reason, Kirree is not keen.                                    .

Juan:We could go this morning.   
Ealee: Yes, that’s a good idea.   
Kirree:  Can’t we go another day?   
I shouldn’t make you go to a    
boring place like that.   
Ealee: It’s not boring there.   
Juan: What else would you like to do?   
Kirree: What do people do in their    
leisure time here?   
Ealee: Lots of things!   
Football, sailing, shooting,   
cinema, theatre....   
Kirree: My word, I’m getting tired!     
What do you like doing?   
Juan: Walking, cycling, reading books.   
We go swimming occasionally.   
Kirree: I like swimming.  Could we   
go swimming today?   
Juan:  I think we could...   
Kirree:  Excellent!    
I’ll be ready in a minute.   

Kirree goes upstairs.   

The American Inheritance 7.1.2   

Ealee is angry.   
She complains to Juan while    
Kirree is upstairs.   

Ealee: Going swimming?    
It’s ridiculous!  You know   
I don’t like it really!   

Juan: I’m sorry.   
But she’s a guest and I thought    
we’d better go.   
Ealee: She’s a strange guest!   
She’ll be directing the house      
before long.   
Juan: Would you like to stay here   
while we go swimming?   
Ealee:  Don’t be joking!   
I’ll come to keep    
an eye on you!   

Juan: What do you mean?   
Ealee: I’m only joking.   
I want to find out why   
she doesn’t want to go      
to the Records Office.   
Juan: Time enough - be careful,   
she’s coming down.   

In silence, they go    
to the swimming pool.   

The American Inheritance 7.1.3   

Juan pays for them to go swimming.                               

Kirree: It’s cheap enough..   
and what a great pool!   
Ealee: It was terribly expensive    
to build.   
Juan: I’ll see you in the pool.   

They get changed     
and go into the pool.       
Ealee doesn’t like the way   
the men are staring at Kirree.   

Ealee: (in a whisper)Bringing a    
swimming costume to the Isle of Man!   
Juan:  Be careful..she’ll hear.   

They swim around    
with Ealee becoming more angry.       
Yn Eiraght Americaanagh 7.1.1

Y laa er giyn, ta Juan cur sannish
dy jean ad goll gys Oik ny
Er oyr ennagh, cha nel Kirree

Oddagh shin goll moghrey jiu.
She, shen eie mie.
Nagh vodmayd goll laa elley?
Cha lhisins cur erriu goll gys
boayl dree myr shen.
Cha nel eh dree ayns shen.
C’red elley by vie lhiat jannoo?
C’red ta sleih jannoo sy
traa-soccar oc ayns shoh?
Shimmey red!
Bluckan-coshey, shiaulley, lhiggey,
thie-fillym, thie-cloie....
Graih veen, ta mee çheet dy ve
Cre s’mie lhiuish jannoo?
Shooyl, roarey, lhaih lioaryn.
Ta shin goll snaue nish as reesht.
S’mie lhiam snaue.  Noddagh shin
goll snaue jiu?
Er lhiam dy noddagh...
Mie er bashtal!
Bee’m aarloo ayns minnid.

Ta Kirree goll seose.

Yn Eiraght Americaanagh 7.1.2

Ta Ealee corree.
T’ee gaccan rish Juan as
Kirree heose.

Goll snaue?
T’eh ommidjagh!  Ta fys ayd
nagh mie lhiam eh dy firrinagh.

S’treih lhiam.
Agh t’ee ny goaldagh as smooinee
mish dy bare dooin goll.
T’ee ny goaldagh quaagh.
Bee ish stiurey’n thie
roish foddey.
By vie lhiat tannaghtyn ayns shoh
choud’s ta shinyn goll snaue?
Ny bee spotçhal!
Nee’m çheet dy ‘reayll
rick erriu!

C’red t’ou çheet er?
Cha nel mee agh spotçhal.
Ta mee laccal feddyn magh cre’n fa
nagh vel ee laccal goll
gys Oik ny Recortyssyn.
Traa dy liooar - gow kiarail,
t’ee çheet neose.

Ayns tostid, t’ad goll
gys y loghan-snaue.
Yn Eiraght Americaanagh 7.1.3

Ta Juan geeck son oc dy gholl    
T’eh neugheyr dy liooar..
as cre’n loghan braew!
V’eh costal agglagh
dy hroggal.
Hee’m shiu sy loghan.

T’ad caghlaa yn eaddagh oc
as goll stiagh sy loghan.
Cha mie lesh Ealee yn aght
ta ny deiney blakey er Kirree.

(myr sannish) Cur lhee
eaddagh-snaue dys Mannin!
Gow kiarail..nee ish clashtyn.

T’ad snaue mygeayrt
as Ealee çheet dy ve ny smoo

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