Dedicated to the Gaelic Language of the Isle of Man
Yn Eiraght Americaanagh

The American Inheritance

The American Inheritance part two

The American Inheritance 2.1.1

Kirree comes down for breakfast in
the morning. It is eight o’clock.
Ealee: Good morning, Kirree.
Did you sleep well?
Kirree: No. The change in
time is affecting me.
Ealee:That’s a pity.
Juan:What would you like
for breakfast?
Kirree: I’d like tea and toast,
if that’s OK.
Juan: Yes, certainly.
Ealee, Juan and Kirree
have their breakfast.

The American Inheritance 2.1.2

After breakfast, Kirree talks about her
reasons for coming to
the Isle of Man.

Kirree: My grandfather has a story
that the family lost a farm in the
Isle of Man by trickery.
Juan:Excuse me, but that’s a fairly
common story!
Ealee: Don’t be rude!
Where is the farm?
Kirree:I don’t really know. It’s near
a place called Ramsey -
Juan:What was the farm like?
Was it on flat ground
or up in the hills?
Kirree:On flat ground, I think.
My grandfather said
that the land was quite soft.
Ealee:Maybe the farm was
in Ballaugh.
Juan:And what was
your grandfather’s name?
Kirree:Ewan Corkish.
He was my mother’s father.
Ealee:Maybe it won’t be difficult
to find out about this.
Juan:Yes, we can go to the
Records Office.

The American Inheritance 2.1.3

Kirree asks about
Juan and Ealee’s house.

Kirree:How many bedrooms are there?
Ealee:We’ve got three bedrooms.
Kirree:A nice house.
And the kitchen’s big enough.

the garden’s nice.
Juan: Ealee would like a downstairs
toilet as well as the one upstairs.
If we had the money..!
Ealee: Is your house bigger than this?
Kirree: I don’t have a house.
I’ve got an apartment.
Juan:Is that in the city?
Kirree: No, thank God!
It’s in a suburb.
Ealee: Is it all right there?
Kirree:Yes, it’s pleasant there.
Juan: Now, what would you like
to do today?
Kirree: I’d like to take a look at
Douglas, if that’s all right.
Ealee:Right enough -
we can go in a little while.

Ealee and Juan clear away the
breakfast things while Kirree gets
ready to go out.
Yn Eiraght Americaanagh 2.1.1

Ta Kirree çheet neose son anjeeal
ayns y voghrey. T’eh hoght er y chlag.
Moghrey mie, Chirree.
Ren oo cadley dy mie?
Cha ren. Ta’n caghlaa sy traa
jannoo orrym.
S’treih shen.
C’red by vie lhiat
son anjeeal?
By vie lhiam tey as arran greddan ,
my ta shen mie dy liooar.
Son shickyrys, t’eh.
Ta Ealee, Juan as Kirree
gee yn anjeeal oc.

Yn Eiraght Americaanagh 2.1.2

Lurg anjeeal, ta Kirree loayrt
mychione ny oyryn haink ee gys

Ta skeeal ec yn çhaner aym
dy ren y lught-thie coayl gowaltys
ayns Mannin liorish kialg.
Gow my leshtal, agh shen skeeal ta
cadjin dy liooar!
Ny bee daaney!
C’raad ta’n gowaltys?
Cha s’aym, dy firrinagh. T’eh faggys
da boayl enmyssit Rhumsaa -
Balla-red ennagh.
Cre goll rish va’n gowaltys?
Row eh er thalloo rea
ny heose ayns ny crink?
Er thalloo rea, er lhiam.
Va’n shaner aym gra
dy row y thalloo bog dy liooar.
Foddee dy row y gowaltys
ayns Balley ny Loghey.
As cre’n ennym v’er
dty yishag vooar?
Ewan Corkish.
She ayr my voir v’ayn.
Foddee nagh bee eh doillee
dy ‘eddyn magh mychione shoh.
She, fodmayd goll gys
Oik ny Recortyssyn.

Yn Eiraght Americaanagh 2.1.3

Ta Kirree briaght mychione
thie Yuan as Ealee.

Quoid shamyr-lhiabbagh t’ayn?
Ta tree shamyryn-lhiabbagh ain.
Thie jesh.
As ta’n çhamyr-aarlee mooar dy

ta’n garey jesh.
By vie lesh Ealee premmee heese
chammah as y fer heose.
Dy beagh yn argid ain..!
Vel y thie ayd’s ny smoo na shoh?
Cha nel thie aym.
Ta cummal-rea aym.
Vel shen ayns yn ard-valley?
Cha nel, bwooise da Jee!
T’eh ayns fo-valley.
Vel eh mie dy liooar ayns shen?
Ta, t’eh taitnyssagh ayns shen.
Nish, c’red by vie lhiat
jannoo jiu?
By vie lhiam jeeaghyn er
Doolish, my ta shen mie dy liooar.
Kiart dy liooar -
Fodmayd goll ayns tammylt beg.

Ta Ealee as Juan scughey ersooyl
ny jystyn anjeeal choud’s ta Kirree
gaarlaghey dy gholl magh

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