Dedicated to the Gaelic Language of the Isle of Man
Lessoonyn da Toshiaghteyryn

Beginners Lessons

Lesson 10 - Where do you work?

Where exactly?

C'raad t'ou gobbraghey? - Where do you work?

Ta mee gobbraghey ayns Doolish - I work in Douglas

Mie lhiat gobbraghey ayns Doolish? - Do you like working in Douglas?

S'mie lhiam gobbraghey ayns Doolish - I like working in Douglas

B'are lhiam gobbraghey ayns Purt ny hInshey - I would prefer to work in Peel

Cre'n fa? - Why?

She Gobbag mish - I am a Govag

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What do you do?

C'red t'ou jannoo ayns Doolish? - What do you do in Douglas?

Ta mee gobbraghey ayns y cherroo argid - I work in the finance sector

Ta mee gobbraghey ayns Banc - I work in a bank

Ta mee gobbraghey ayns shapp-blaa - I work in a flower shop

Ta mee gobbraghey ayns ard-vargey - I work in a supermarket

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Are you a teacher?

Nee fer-ynsee uss? - Are you a teacher? (male)
Nee ben-ynsee uss? - Are you a teacher? (female)

She - Yes

Cha nee - No

Nee boandyr uss? - Are you a nurse?

Cha nee, she obbrinagh mish - No, I am a mechanic

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