Dedicated to the Gaelic Language of the Isle of Man
Lessoonyn da Toshiaghteyryn

Beginners Lessons

Lesson 11 - Some pets

Some animals

Moddey - Dog
Kayt - Cat
Ushag - Bird
Muc - Pig
Stubbin - Manx cat
Lugh - Mouse
Roddan - Long tail

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Do you have a pet?

Vel biggin ayd? - Do you have a pet?

Ta moddey aym - I have a dog

Ta kayt aym - I have a cat

Ta moddey mooar aym - I have a large dog

Ta stubbin beg aym - I have a small Manx cat

Ta kayt feer vooar as corree aym - I have a very large angry cat

Ta kayt aym as t'eh scriddey - I have a cat and he scratches

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A pig as a pet!

Vel biggin ayd? - Do you have a pet?

Ta, ta muc aym - Yes, I have a pig

Shen quaagh whooinney - That's strange yessir

Beggan quaagh - A little strange

C'raad t'eh cummal? - Where does he live?

Ayns muclagh - In a pigsty

Ta mee toiggal: cho maynrey as muc ayns muclagh - I understand: as happy as a pig in a pigsty

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Some points to remember

Mooar = big and beg = small
Feer vooar = very big and feer veg = very small

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