Dedicated to the Gaelic Language of the Isle of Man
Lessoonyn da Toshiaghteyryn

Beginners Lessons

Lesson 13 - The time

What's the time?

Cre'n traa t'eh? - What time is it?

Nane er y chlag - One o'clock

Jees er y chlag - Two o'clock

Tree er y chlag - Three o'clock
Kiare er y chlag - Four o'clock
Queig er y chlag - Five o'clock
Shey er y chlag - Six o'clock
Shiaght er y chlag - Seven o'clock
Hoght er y chlag - Eight o'clock
Nuy er y chlag - Nine o'clock
Jeih er y chlag - Ten o'clock
Nane jeig er y chlag - Eleven o'clock
Daa yeig er y chlag - Twelve o'clock

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A little more precise...

Cre'n traa t'eh? - What time is it?

Kerroo dys tree - Quarter to three

Kerroo lurg kiare - Quarter past four

Leih lurg queig - Half past five

Queig dys nuy - Five to nine

Queig lurg shiaght - Five past seven

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What time are you off to the Albert?

Cre'n traa t'ou goll dys yn Albert? - What time are you going to the Albert?

Ta mee goll ec kerroo dys nuy - I am going at quarter to nine

Shen anmagh! - That's late!

Cha nel, traa dy liooar whooinney - No, time enough yessir

Braew, hee'm oo ec yn Albert ec nuy - Fine, see you at the Albert at nine

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