Dedicated to the Gaelic Language of the Isle of Man
Lessoonyn da Toshiaghteyryn

Beginners Lessons

Lesson 14 - Is there much Manx at yer?

Can you speak Manx?

Vel Gaelg ayd? - Do you speak Manx?

Ta Gaelg aym - Yes, I do

Vel Gaelg eck? - Does she speak Manx?

Ta Gaelg eck - Yes, she does

Vel Gaelg echey? - Does he speak Manx?

Ta Gaelg echey - Yes, he does

Vel Gaelg ec Mary? - Does Mary speak Manx?

Ta Gaelg ec Mary - Mary does

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Can your dog understand Manx?

Vel Gaelg ec dty voddey? - Does your dog speak Manx?

Cha nel eh loayrt monney Gaelg! - He doesn't speak much Manx!

Vel eh toiggal Gaelg? - Does he understand Manx?

Ta, t'eh toiggal ram Gaelg - Yes he understands a lot

Vel eh gounsternee ayns Gaelg? - Does he bark in Manx?

Cha nel, ayns Frangish - No, in French

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You should learn some

Vel oo gynsaghey Gaelg? - Are you learning Manx?

Cha nel mee gynsaghey Gaelg - I am not learning Manx

Shen scammyltagh whooinney - That's a scandal yessir

T'ou kiart whooinney - You're right yessir

Gaelg aboo - Hurrah for Manx

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Some points to remember

Because we have no verb to have in Manx we say is there any Manx at you? Vel Gaelg ayd? The reply is either Ta Gaelg aym / Cha nel Gaelg aym (aym = at me)

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