Dedicated to the Gaelic Language of the Isle of Man
Lessoonyn da Toshiaghteyryn

Beginners Lessons

Lesson 2 - Where do you live?

I live in...

C'raad t'ou cummal? - Where do you live?

Ta mee cummal ayns Doolish - I live in Douglas

Ta mee cummal ayns Ellan Vannin - I live in the Isle of Man

Ta mee cummal ayns:

Port Çhiarn Port Erin
Purt le Moirrey Port st Mary
Purt ny hInshey Peel
Balley Cashthal Castletown
Skylley Maayl Kirk Michael
Rhumsaa Ramsey
Kiondroghad Onchan
Mwyllin Doo Aah Union Mills
Laksaa Laksey

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Do you like living in Douglas?

Mie lhiat cummal ayns Regaby ? Do you like living in Regaby?

Cha mie lhiam - No

Mie lhiat cummal ayns Crosby? - Do you like living in Crosby?

S'mie lhiam - Yes

Mie lhiat cummal ayns Doolish? - Do you like living in Douglas?

Beggan, agh s'hare lhiam Purt ny hInshey - A little, but I prefer Peel

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You like living in Peel!

Mie lhiat cummal ayns Purt ny hInshey? - Do you like living in Peel?

S'mie lhiam - Yes

Nee Gobbag uss? - Are you a Govag?

Cha nee - No

Nee Gobbag uss? - Are you a Govag?

She, she Gobbag mish - Yes, I am a Govag!

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Some points to remember

Cummal means both 'to live' and a 'dwelling' in Manx. You often see it in house names. Cummal beg = small dwelling.
Mie lhiat? = Do you like and means is there good (mie) with you (lhiat). The response S'mie lhiam = I like, means there is good (mie) with me (lhiam)
Inhabitants of Peel are often referred to as a Gobbag/Govag which means Dogfish in Manx.

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