Dedicated to the Gaelic Language of the Isle of Man
Lessoonyn da Toshiaghteyryn

Beginners Lessons

Lesson 20 - More likes and dislikes

More food!

Mie lhiat gee brishatgyn? - Do you like eating biscuits?

S'mie lhiam agh share lhiam gee berreen - Yes, but I prefer eating cake

Mie lhiat giu bainney? - Do you like drinking milk?

Cha mie lhiam bainney, share lhiam giu ushtey bea -
I don't like milk, I prefer drinking whiskey

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Some activities

Mie lhiat cadley? - Do you like sleeping?

S'mie lhiam cadley - I do

Mie lhiat breimeragh? - Do you like farting?

S'mie lhiam, s'mie lhiam cadley as breimeragh - Yes, I like sleeping and farting

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Do you like kissing?

Mie lhiat paagey? - Do you like kissing?

S'mie lhaim - Yes

Paag mish - Kiss me

Paag mish, my sailt - Kiss me, please

Paag my hoyn!

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Some points to remember

Paagey = kissing; paag = kiss (the command!)

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