Dedicated to the Gaelic Language of the Isle of Man
Lessoonyn da Toshiaghteyryn

Beginners Lessons

Lesson 3 - A drink perhaps?

Would you like a drink?

By vie lhiat jough? - Would you like a drink?

Cha by vie lhiam - No

By vie lhiat jough? - Would you like a drink?

By vie lhiam - Yes

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Anything in particular?

C'red by vie lhiat giu? - What would you like to drink?

By vie lhiam ushtey - I would like some water

By vie lhiam bainney, my sailt - I would like some milk, please

By vie lhiam feeyn - I would like wine

By vie lhiam pynt sharroo - I would like a pint of bitter

By vie lhiam gin as tonic lesh rio - Gin and tonic with ice

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A Coffee perhaps?

By vie lhiat caffee? - Would you like a coffee?

By vie lhiam - Yes

By vie lhiam caffee lesh bainney agh gyn shugyr -
I would like a coffee with milk and no sugar

Shoh dhyt, caffee bane gyn shugyr - Here you go, a white coffee without sugar

Gura mie ayd whooinney - thanks yessir

She dty vea - You're welcome

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Some points to remember

Whooinney (sometimes spelt ghooinney)comes from the Manx word dooinney which means man. It is a term of affection and is the Gaelic equivalent of yessir.

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