Dedicated to the Gaelic Language of the Isle of Man
Lessoonyn da Toshiaghteyryn

Beginners Lessons

Lesson 4 - Something to eat?

A Pizza perhaps?

C'red by vie lhiat gee? - What would you like to eat?

By vie lhiam peetsey - I would like pizza

By vie lhiam peetsey lesh caashey as ram garleid - I would like pizza with cheese and a lot of garlic

Jee bannee mee, cha bee'm paagey uss ny s'anmey - My God, I wont be kissing you later

Shen braew dooys! - That's fine by me!

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A Bacon sandwich

By vie lhiam braghtyn bagoon, my sailt - I would like a bacon sandwich, please

Nane ny jees? - one or two?

By vie lhiam jees my sailt. Ta mee aggrysagh - I would like two please. I'™m hungry

Cha nel oo aggryssagh, jus jollysagh - You're not hungry, just greedy

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At the shop

Moghrey mie. C'red by vie lhiat? - Good morning. What would you like?

By vie lhiam boteil dy ushtey, soo-mess, bainney, as arran -
I would like a bottle of water, fruit juice, milk and bread

Vel argid dy-liooar ayd? - Do you have enough money?

Cha nel argid aym - I have no money

Well, ersooyl lhiat - well get away with yer

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Some points to remember

There is no verb to have in Manx. We say is there money at you (ayd) to which the reply is there is/isn't money at me (aym)

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