Dedicated to the Gaelic Language of the Isle of Man
Lessoonyn da Toshiaghteyryn

Beginners Lessons

Lesson 6 - He's alright!

Who is he?

Quoi ehsyn? - Who is he?

She Tommy Karran eshyn - He's Tommy Karran

She dooinney stoamey eshyn - He's a bit of a looker

Stoamey agh bleb - A looker but a fool

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Who is she?

Quoi ish? - Who is she?

She Helen Smith ish - She's Helen Smith

Mie lhiat ee? - Do you like her?

S'mie lhiam ee - I like her

Er-lhiam dy vel graih aym urree - I reckon I am in love

Jee bannee mee - My God

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It's my sister

Quoi ish? - Who is she?

Shoh my huyr - This is my sister

Shoh my inneen - This is my daughter

Shoh my vummig - This is my mum

Quoi eshyn? - Who is he?

Shoh my yishag - This is my dad

Shoh my vraar - This is my brother

Shoh my vac - This is my son

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Some points to remember

There are a lot of letter changes above. Mummig (mum) becomes my vummig (my mum); jishag (dad) becomes my yishag (my dad). Can you spot the others?
To say I am John in Manx I can say it either of these ways:
Mish John
She mish John
She John mish
She = it is and is used in this particular context instead of t’eh

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