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Fockleyr Loayrit

Spoken Dictionary

In January 2023, a Taize workshop was held at Thie dy Vea, Peel, teaching Taize chants in Manx. Taize chants have been translated into many languages worldwide and are very simple, usually only featuring a couple of lines of text. To the best of our knowledge, Taize chants had never been translated into Manx before, and so Ruth Keggin Gell (Yn Greinneyder) and Paul Rogers translated three, so that these could be taught. The Manx translations are as faithful to the English lyrics as possible, while ensuring they still work well with the melody of each song.

Below, you can find a number of soundfiles: the words and sung melody for each of these chants, and the first ever performance of these chants in Manx, as sung by the 22 workshop goers on Friday 20th January 2023. 

These chants are very simple, and a lovely way to incorporate some Manx into services, for those who wish to do so.