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Dunveryssyn yn Tooder-Folley

The Vampire Murders

Ayrn Daa-Yeig

Dunveryssyn yn Tooder-Folley - The Vampire Murders

Skeeal straneagh liorish Brian Stowell: Ayrn 12
A serial story by Brian Stowell: Part 12

Fy yerrey hoal wass v'ad er screeu sheese coontey jeh ny reddyn dooyrt ee. Va Bnr Quilleash er chlashtyn dy row y lheid feer scanshoil. Lhaih ee yn coontey dy kiarailagh. V'ee ayns coardailys rish y chooid smoo jeh, agh va kiare marranyn ayn syn aght-screeuee.

'Nagh row uss ro vie ec y scoill?' vrie ee jeh'n fer ren screeu eh. 'As, jeeagh, hie mish dy lhie mysh mean oie, cha nee ec mean oie dy cruinn jeeragh.'

Ren ad kiartaghey shen as ny marranyn aght-screeuee as va'n coontey jeant.
Haink cronneyder elley stiagh as vrie eh jeh Bnr Quilleash:

'Vel oo lane shickyr nagh row enney ayd er y dooinney va gra Mnr Jones rishyn hene?'

Dooyrt ee nagh row enney eck er. V'eh jeeaghyn dy row y cronneyder goaill yindys as dooyrt eh red nagh row ro chreeney:

'Cha nee Jones va'n sliennoo er - she dooinney v'ayn va enney er ec dy chooilley pheiagh, er lhimmey jeeds, t'eh jeeaghyn.'

Fy yerrey hoal wass..(fa-YERR-a-HAUL-WASS) - At long, long last..
..v'ad er screeu sheese coontey..(vadd-err-skr'yoo-SHEESS-KOOND-a) - ..they had written down an account..('..they were after writing down an account..')
..dy row y lheid feer scanshoil.. (the-ROW-a-L'YIDD-feer-skansh-OLE) - ..that the like was very important..
..rish y chooid smoo jeh..(rish-a-khoodj-SMOO-jay) -..with most of it.. kiare marranyn ayn syn aght-screeuee. (va-KAYR-MARR-an-un-AWN-sin-akht- SKR'YOO-ee) -..there were four mistakes in-it in the spellling..
..hie mish dy lhie mysh mean oie..(hy-MISH-the-LIE-MUSH-mane-ee) - ..I went to bed about midnight..
..cha nee ec mean oie dy cruinn jeeragh. (ha-N'YAY-eck-MANE-EE-the-KROON- JEER-akh) - ..not at midnight exactly.
Ren ad kiartaghey shen..(RENN-add-K'YART-akh-a-SHEN) - They corrected that..
Vel oo lane shickyr..? (VELL-oo-leddn-SHIGG-er) - Are you absolutely sure..?
..nagh row enney ayd er y dooinney..(nakh-row-ENN-ya-EDD-err-a-DUNN-ya) - ..that you didn't know the man..('..that there wasn't acquaintance at-you on the man..' gra..rishyn hene (va graa..RIZH-un-HEEN) -..who called himself..
..dy row eh goaill yindys..(the-ROW-a-goyl-YINND-iss) -..that he was surprised..
..nagh row ro chreeney (nakh-row-raw-KHREEN-a) -..which was not too wise
Cha nee Jones va'n sliennoo er..(ha-n'yay-JONES-van-SL'YENN-oo-err) - Jones wasn't his surname..('It's not Jones which was his surname..') dy chooilley pheiagh..(eck-the-KHULL-ya-FY-akh) every person.. lhimmey jeeds..(er-L'YIMM-a-JEEDZ) - ..except for you..

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