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Dunveryssyn yn Tooder-Folley

The Vampire Murders

Ayrn Hoght

Dunveryssyn yn Tooder-Folley - The Vampire Murders

Skeeal straneagh liorish Brian Stowell: Ayrn 8
A serial story by Brian Stowell: Part 8

Cha dug y Scruteyr Sidebotham tooilley geill da ny goaldee. Hyndaa eh gys Bnr Quilleash as dooyrt eh: 'Nod oo çheet stiagh ayns shoh, my sailt?'

V'eh geearree goll stiagh syn offish veg. Lesh doilleeid, hie y jees oc stiagh ayn as yeigh eh y dorrys. Ghow Sidebotham lioar-vaght magh ass poggaid.

'Cre'n sliennoo t'ort, my sailt?' vrie eh. Graih veen, smooinee ben y thie.

'Quilleash' dreggyr ee. Cha row ee goll dy lettraghey y sliennoo eck.

'Ta paart dy h-enmyn quaagh ayns shoh!' dooyrt y meoir-shee. 'Vel shen goaill toshiaght lesh 'k' ny 'c'?' ren eh briaght.

Y Leejoon Joarree, smooinee Bnr Quilleash. 'Enmyn quaagh' as sliennoo myr 'Thoyn-Lhiattagh' ersyn hene. Ren ee 'Quilleash' y lettraghey da. Chammah as shen, screeu y cronneyder sheese e h-enmyn currit (Fenella Mary) as enmys y thie-goaldee.

Cha dug eh tooilley geill da..(ha-DUG-a-TULL-ya-GALE-daa) - He didn't pay any more attention to..('He did not give additional attention to..')
Hyndaa eh gys..(hin-DAA-a-guss) - He turned to..
Nod oo cheet stiagh..? (NOD-oo-chitt-SCHAKH) - Can you come in..?
V'eh geearree goll stiagh.. (vay-GEER-ee-gull-SCHAKH) - He wanted to go in.. Lesh doilleeid, hie y jees oc stiagh ayn..(lesh-DOLE-ee-id-hy-a-JEESS-ock- SCHAKH-awn) - With difficulty, the two of them ('at them') went into it.
One way of getting the past tense is to take the imperative (order) and change the first letter (if necessary): jeigh! (jaa-ee) - shut!
Yeigh eh y dorrys. (YAA-EE-ay-a-DORR-iss) - He shut the door.
Ghow eh lioar-vaght magh ass poggaid. (GHOW-a-L'YAWR-VAKHT-makh-ass- pogg-AAD) - He took a notebook out of a pocket.
'Cre'n sliennoo t'ort?'..vrie eh. (krinn-SL'YENN-oo-tort..VRY-a) - 'What's your surname?'..he asked.
..goll dy lettraghey..(GULL-the-LETT-rakh-a) -..going to spell..
Ta paart dy h-enmyn quaagh ayns shoh! (ta-PURT-the-HENN-min-KWAAKH- unnss-SHAW) - There are some strange names here!
Vel shen goaill toshiaght lesh..? (vell-SHEN-goyl-TOZH-akht-lesh) - Does that start with..? ('Is that taking a beginning with..?') eh briaght. (RENN-a-BRY-akht) - He asked. (Same as 'vrie eh')
Y Leejoon Joarree (a-leej-OON-JAWR-ee) - The Foreign Legion
'Thoyn-Lhiattagh' (toodn-L'YATH-akh) - 'Bottom of Side'
..ersyn hene. (ERR-sin-HEEN) - ..on himself.
..screeu y cronneyder sheese e h-enmyn currit (SKR'YOO-a-KRONN-a-der- SHEESS-a-HENN-min-KURR-it) - ..the detective wrote down her first (given) names

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