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Dunveryssyn yn Tooder-Folley

The Vampire Murders

Ayrn Kiare

Dunveryssyn yn Tooder-Folley - The Vampire Murders

Skeeal straneagh liorish Brian Stowell: Ayrn 4
A serial story by Brian Stowell: Part 4

Haink ny meoiryn-shee tappee dy liooar. Haink daa ghleashtan ren scuirr cheu-mooie lesh glackanyn ren screeagh. Hooill cronneyder stiagh sy thie-goaldee marish shiartanse dy veoiryn-shee as eaddagh cadjinit moo.

'C'raad ta'n corp marroo?' ren y cronneyder briaght jeh Bnr Quilleash. Cha ren eh loayrt dy meeley as va paart jeh ny goaldee jeeaghyn er as goaill yindys. Cre hon nagh dod eh gra shen myr hannish, smooinee ben y thie.

'Tar shiu marym, my sailliu', dooyrt ee. 'Nee'm jeeaghyn diu'. Ren ad goll seose ny greeishyn dys shamyr y vaase. Cha lhiass dou crankal, smooinee ish tra v'ee fosley y dorrys. Hie y cronneyder stiagh as ren eh jeeaghyn er y chorp as ny reddyn ayns yn çhamyr.
Haink ny meoiryn-shee tappee dy liooar. (HENK-na-MERR-un-SHEE-TAVV-ee- the-L'YOOR) - The police came quickly enough.
Haink daa ghleashtan ren scuirr..(henk-DAA-GHLAYSH-chan-renn-SKWIRR) - Two cars came, which stopped..
There is no need for 'which' in Manx.
..lesh glackanyn ren screeagh. (lesh-GLAGG-an-un-renn-SKREE-akh) - ..with brakes which screeched.
Hooill cronneyder stiagh sy..(H'YOO-ill-KRONN-a-der-SCHAKH-sa) - A detective walked into the..
Alternatively: Ren cronneyder shooyl stiagh sy..
'Shooill!' means 'Walk!' With regular verbs, we can get the past tense by taking the imperative (order) and changing the first letter(s). Alternatively, we can use 'ren' with the appropriate verbal noun.
..shiartanse dy veoiryn-shee (shart-ANSS-the-VERR-un-SHEE) -..some police eaddagh cadjinit moo (azz-ETH-akh-KADJ-in-it-MOO) - ..wearing uniform jeh (RENN...BRY-akht-jay) - ..asked (of)
..jeeaghyn er as goaill yindys. (JEEKH-un-err-azz-goyl-YINN-diss) -..looking at him in surprise. ('..looking on him and taking wonder')
Cre hon nagh dod eh..? (kra-HONN-nakh-DODD-a) - Why couldn't he..?
..gra shen myr hannish (GRAA-shen-mar-HONN-ish) -..saying that in (as) a whisper
..smooinee ben y thie. (SMUNN-ee-BEN-a-TY) -..the woman of the house thought.
..dys shamyr y vaase (duss-SHAAM-er-a-VAASS) - ..'to the room of (the) death'
Cha lhiass dou crankal..(ha-L'YASS-dow-KRONK-al) - I needn't knock..
..tra v'ee fosley y dorrys. (TRAA-vee-FAWZ-la-a-DORR-iss) - ..when she was opening the door.
Hie y cronneyder stiagh..(HY-a-KRONN-a-der-SCHAKH) - The detective went into..
We could have 'yeeagh eh er' instead of 'ren eh jeeaghyn er'.
..ny reddyn ayns yn çhamyr. (na-RITH-un-unnss-in-CHAAM-er) - ..the things in the room.
The 'sh' in 'shamyr' changes to 'ch' after 'ayns yn'. In any case, 'shamyr' is feminine, so we generally see 'yn chamyr'.

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