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Dunveryssyn yn Tooder-Folley

The Vampire Murders

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Dunveryssyn yn Tooder-Folley - The Vampire Murders

Skeeal straneagh liorish Brian Stowell: Ayrn 21
A serial story by Brian Stowell: Part 21

Dy dowin sy chree eck, va'n ven echey beggan boirit neesht. Er aght ennagh, va'n lught-thie ecksh smooinaghtyn goll rish Askell sy chooish shoh. Lhisagh guillyn ve ramsal as goaill soylley jeh gammanyn-bluckan. Agh va Finlo goaill soylley jeh babbanyn as gaihaghyn elley myr shen. Choud's v'eh abyl, va'n ayr echey freayll shoh follit.

Ga nagh row ee jeant bwooiagh ec ny babbanyn, dennee Amy dy row ee eginit loayrt noi'n dooinney eck. 'Lhisagh uss ceau tooilley traa marish. Lhisagh oo cloie gammanyn breeoil marish. Cha nel eh fakin uss mennick dy liooar', veagh ee gra rish Askell. 'Dy jarroo, ta mish ceau traa dy liooar marish Finlo!' veagh Askell freggyrt. 'Nagh ren eh çheet dys y margey-ollee marym arroo y jea?'

Dy dowin sy chree eck..(the-DOW-in-sa-KHREE-eck) - Deep(ly) in her heart..
('Deeply in-the heart at-her..')'n ven echey beggan boirit neesht. (van-VEN-egg-a-begg-an-BUR-it-N'YISS) - ..his wife was a little worried too. ('..the woman at-him was..')
Er aght ennagh..(err-AKHT-enn-YAKH) - In some way.. ('On some way..')
Remember: 'ennagh' means 'some' and 'erbee' means 'any'!'n lught-thie ecksh smooinaghtyn..(van-LUKHT-TY-ecksh-SMUNN-yakht-in) - ..her family thought..('..the family at-her was thinking..')
Lhisagh guillyn ve ramsal..(L'YITH-akh-GILL-yun-vay-RAM-zal) - Boys ought to be romping.. goaill soylley jeh gammanyn-bluckan. (azz-GOYL-SULL-a-jay-GAMM-an-un- BLUGG-an) - ..and enjoying ('taking enjoyment of') ball games.
..babbanyn as gaihaghyn elley..(BABB-an-un-azz-GA-EE-akh-un-ELL-ya) -..dolls and other toys..
Choud's v'eh abyl..(KHOUDZ-vay-AABL) - As far as he was able..'n ayr echey freayll shoh follit. (van-AAR-egg-a-FREEL-shaw-FOLL-it) - ..his father kept this secret. ('..the father at-him was keeping this secret'.)
Note that the command 'Keep!' is 'Freill!' (frail) and the verbal noun 'keeping' is 'freayll', pronounced 'freel' or 'frail'.
Ga nagh row ee jeant bwooiagh..(GAA-nakh-ROW-ee-jinnt-BWEE-akh) - Although she was not pleased..('Although she was not made pleased..')
..dennee Amy dy row ee eginit loayrt noi'n dooinney eck. (DENN-ee-AIM-ee-the- row-ee-AYG-nit-LAWRT-nine-DUNN-ya-eck) - Amy felt she was compelled to speak against her husband. ('..against the man at-her'.)
..tooilley traa marish. (TULL-ya-TRAA-MAA-rish) - ..more time with him.'
Lhisagh oo cloie..(L'YITH-akh-oo-KLA-EE) - You ought to play..
..gammanyn breeoil.. (GAMM-an-un-bree-OLE) -.. energetic games..
'Marish' means 'with', 'with him' or 'with it' (in company with).
Nagh ren eh cheet..? (NAKH-ren-a-CHITT) - Didn't he come..?
..dys y margey-ollee marym..(DUSS-a-MARG-a-OLL-ee-MAA-rim) the cattle mart with-me..
..arroo y jea (ARR-oo-a-JAY) - the day before yesterday..

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