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Dunveryssyn yn Tooder-Folley

The Vampire Murders

Ayrn Queig

Dunveryssyn yn Tooder-Folley - The Vampire Murders

Skeeal straneagh liorish Brian Stowell: Ayrn 5
A serial story by Brian Stowell: Part 5

'Vel oo er loaghtey red erbee?' vrie eh.

'Cha nel, son shickyrys', dreggyr ben y thie dy jymmoosagh. 'Tra nagh ren Mnr as Bnr Jones cheet neose dy gheddyn anjeeal haink mee neese as ren mee crankal er y dorrys. Cha dooar mee freggyrt, myr shen doshil mee y dorrys ren mee feddyn Mnr Jones myr shoh..'

'C'raad ta Bnr Jones?' vrie y cronneyder. V'eh jeeaghyn er Bnr Quilleash dy geayr. V'ee gyindys row eh smooinaghtyn dy row ish er varroo Bnr Jones.

'Cha nel fys erbee ayms', dreggyr Bnr Quilleash. 'Hie y jees oc seose dy lhie as cha ren mee fakin ee reesht'.

Vel oo er loaghtey..? (VELL-oo-err-LAWKHT-a) - Have you touched (handled)..?
'Brie!' is the order 'Ask!' To get the past tense, change the 'b' to 'v' (this is called lenition): 'Vrie eh '(VRY-a) - 'He asked.'
Alternatively: 'Ren eh briaght' (RENN-a-BRY-akht) - 'He asked'.
If the imperative (order) starts with 'f', drop the 'f' and put 'd' in to get the past tense: 'Freggyr!' - 'Reply!' 'Dreggyr ee' - 'She replied'.
..dy jymmoosagh (the-jimm-OOS-akh) - ..indignantly/angrily
Tra nagh ren ad cheet neose..(TRAA-nakh-RENN-add-CHITT-NOOSS) - When they didn't come down..
'neose' (nooss/nohss) means 'down' when coming from above.
..haink mee neese..(HENK-mee-NEESS) - ..I came up..
'neese' (neess) means 'up' when coming from below. Use 'neose' and 'neese' with the verb 'to come'.
Cha dooar mee freggyrt..(ha-DOOR-mee-FREGG-ert) - I didn't get an answer..
..myr shen doshil mee.. (mar-SHEN-DAWZH-il-mee) - ..and so I opened..
Note: 'Foshil!' - 'Open!' 'Doshil mee' - 'I opened'.
V'eh jeeaghyn..dy geayr.. (vay-JEEKH-un-the-GEER) - He was looking..sharply..
V'ee gyindys row eh smooinaghtyn.. (vee-G'YIND-iss-ROW-a-SMUNN-yakht-in) - She was wondering if he was thinking..
Note that the Manx has 'She was wondering was he thinking..' No 'if'!
..dy row ish er varroo..(the-row-ISH-err-VARR-oo) - ..that she had killed.. ('..that she was after killing..')
Cha nel fys erbee ayms (ha-nell-FISS-er-BEE-IMM-iss) - I don't know at all ('There is not knowledge at all at me')
Hie y jees oc seose..(hy-a-JEESS-ock-SOOSS) - The two of them went up..
'seose' (sooss/sohss) meaning 'up' is often used with 'going'.
Cha ren mee fakin ee.. (ha-renn-mee-FAHG-in-ee) - I didn't see her..
Alternatively: 'Cha ren mee ee y 'akin' - 'I didn't see her'.
Or: 'Cha vaik mee ee' (ha-VACK-mee-ee) - 'I didn't see her'.
This is an irregular verb, and so we can't form the simple past tense ('Cha vaik mee') from the imperative.

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