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Dunveryssyn yn Tooder-Folley

The Vampire Murders

Ayrn Shiaght

Dunveryssyn yn Tooder-Folley - The Vampire Murders

Skeeal straneagh liorish Brian Stowell: Ayrn 7
A serial story by Brian Stowell: Part 7

Hass eh ec dorrys yn chamyr-yinnairagh as dooyrt eh rish ny goaldee: 'Mish y Scruteyr Sidebotham jeh Meoiryn-Shee Vannin. Vraane as gheiney seyrey, s'treih lhiam gra dy bee shiu eginit tannaghtyn syn çhamyr shoh rish tammylt. Kyndagh rish red ennnagh ren taghyrt sy thie shoh, cha negin diu faagail ec y traa t'ayn. Gow shiu my leshtal'.

Va fer ny ghaa jeh ny goaldee corree dy liooar. 'Graih veen, ta shoh scammyltagh!' dooyrt shenn dooinney va jeeaghyn goll rish shenn sidoor. 'Ta shinyn er reaghey goll er y tram lectragh moghrey jiu. Vel shiuish gra nagh vodmayd goll?'

'Gow shiu my leshtal, vainshtyr', dooyrt y Scruteyr Sidebotham, 'agh shen dy jeeragh ny ta mish dy ghra. Ta mee guee erriu dy ve surransagh'.

Hass eh ec dorrys yn chamyr-yinnairagh..(HASS-a-eck-DORR-iss-in-CHAAM-er- yinn-AYR-akh) - He stood at the door of the dining room.. dooyrt eh rish ny goaldee..(azz-DOORT-a-rish-na-GAWL-dee) -..and he said to the guests..
Mish y Scruteyr Sidebotham..(MISH-a-skroot-AYR...) - I am Inspector Sidebotham.. Meoiryn-Shee Ellan Vannin. (MERR-un-SHEE-ELL-yan-VANN-in) - The Isle of Man Police .
S'treih lhiam gra..(STRY-l'yamm-GRAA) - I am sorry to say..('I am sorry saying..')
..dy bee shiu eginit tannaghtyn..(the-BEE-shoo-AYG-nit-TANN-akht-un)-..that you will be compelled to stay..('..that you will be compelled staying..')
Kyndagh rish..(KINN-dakh-rish) - Because of .. ennagh ren taghyrt..(RITH-enn-YAKH-renn-TAGH-ert) -..something which happened..
Alternatively: ennagh haghyr..(RITH-enn-YAKH-HAGH-er)
..cha negin diu faagail..(ha-NYDN-DEE-oo-faag-AIL) must not leave..
'Cha negin' (ha-NYDN) is the negative of 'Shegin' (sydn).
..fer ny ghaa jeh..(FERR-na-GHAA-jay) or two of..
..corree dy liooar. (KORR-ee-the-L'YOOR) - ..angry enough (rather/very angry)
..ta shoh scammyltagh! (ta-SHAW-SKAMM-ilt-akh) - ..this is scandalous!
..goll rish shenn sidoor (GORR-ish-SHANN-sy-JOOR) an old soldier.
Ta shinyn er reaghey goll..(ta-SHING-un-err-RAYKH-a-GULL) - We have arranged to go..('We are after arranging going..')
Vel shiuish gra nagh vodmayd goll? (vell-SHOO-ish-GRAA-nakh-VODD-mudj- GULL) - Are you saying that we can't go?
..shen dy jeeragh ny ta mish dy ghra. (shen-the-JEER-akh-na-ta-MISH-the-GHRAA) -..that's exactly what I am saying.
You can regard 'Ta mish dy ghra' as the emphatic 'I do say'.
Ta mee guee erriu dy ve surransagh (TAMM-ee-GWEE-ERR-oo-the-vay-SURR- anz-akh) - I implore you to be patient.
The Inspector is speaking to more than one person so he says 'erriu' rather than 'ort'.

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