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Dunveryssyn yn Tooder-Folley

The Vampire Murders

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Dunveryssyn yn Tooder-Folley - The Vampire Murders

Skeeal straneagh liorish Brian Stowell: Ayrn 27
A serial story by Brian Stowell: Part 27

V’eh doillee dy ‘akin eh dy kiart ayns y choleayrtys, agh eisht honnick ee dy nee gleashtan meoir-shee v’ayn. V’eh çheet gys y thie. Scuirr eh çheu-mooie as haink daa ghooinney magh, shooyl dy moal as dy staydoil gys y thie. ‘Myr dy beigns scuirrit son gimman er aght quaagh’, smooinee Amy. Hie ee gys y dorrys.

She daa veoir-shee v’ayn, fer aeg as fer shinney. Vrie y fer aeg dy jeean: ‘Nee uss Benainshtyr Mylvoirrey?’ Lhig y fer elley ennal magh dy meehurransagh: ‘Graih veen - gow-shiu my leshtal, Venainshtyr Mylvoirrey, agh vodmayd çheet stiagh? Mish y Kione Shimmin as shoh Sarjant Hardcastle. S’treih lhiam gra shoh, agh ta drogh naight ain diu..’

V’eh doillee dy ‘akin eh dy kiart..(vay-DOLE-ee-the-AHG-in-a-the-K’YART) - It was difficult to see it properly..
‘Fakin’ means ‘Seeing’. ‘To see’ is ‘Dy ‘akin’, dropping the ‘f’.
..ayns y choleayrtys. (unnss-a-kho-LEERT-iss) - the twilight.
..dy nee gleashtan meoir-shee v’ayn. (the-n’yay-GLAYSH-chan-MERR-SHEE- vawn) - ..that it was police car. (‘..that it’s a police car (which) was in.’)
Scuirr eh çheu-mooie.. (SWIRR-a-CHAA-oo-MOO-ee) - It stopped outside.. haink daa ghooinney magh..(as-henk-DAA-WUNN-ya-MAKH) - ..and two men came out..
Use singulars with ‘daa’ (‘two’) and carry out letter changes:
‘dooinney’ - ‘man’: ‘daa ghooinney’ - ‘two men’ (‘two man’).
..myr dy beigns scuirrit..(mar-the-bydnss-SKWIRR-it) - if I would be stopped..
..son gimman er aght quaagh..(son-GIMM-an-err-akht-KWAAKH) -..for driving in (on) a strange way..
She daa veoir-shee v’ayn..(shay-daa-VERR-SHEE-vawn) - It was two policemen..
(‘It is two policemen (which) were in..’)
..fer aeg as fer shinney. (ferr-AAG-azz-ferr-SHINN-ya) -..a young one and an older one. ‘Fer’ means ‘Man’ sometimes.
Remember there are two main parts to Manx verbs: the imperative (order) and the verbal noun (ends in ‘-ing’ in English).
Example: ‘Brie!’ (bry) - ‘Ask!’ and ‘Briaght’ (BRY-akht) - ‘Asking’.
..vrie y fer aeg..= ..the young one y fer aeg briaght..
..dy jeean..(the-JEE-un) - ..earnestly..
Nee uss Benainshtyr Mylvoirrey? (n’yay-USS-ben-INE-shter-mul-VURR-a) - Are you Mrs Mylvoirrey (‘Morrison’)?
Lhig y fer elley ennal magh dy meehurransagh..(L’YIGG-a-ferr-ELL-ya-ENN-al- MAKH-the-mee-HURR-anz-akh) - The other one let out a breath impatiently.
Speaking to Benainshtyr Mylvoirrey, Shimmin changes ‘B’ to ‘V’.
..vodmayd çheet stiagh? (VODD-mudj-CHITT-SCHAKH) - ..can we come in?
Mish y Kione Shimmin..(MISH-a-K’YOWN-SHIMM-in) - I am Superintendent S.
S’treih lhiam gra shoh..(STRY-l’yamm-GRAA-shaw) - I am sorry to say this..
..agh ta drogh naight ain diu. (akh-ta-DRAWKH-NY-akht-INE-DEE-oo) - ..but we have bad news for you. (‘..but there is bad news at-us for-you.’)

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