Dedicated to the Gaelic Language of the Isle of Man
Cur fys orrin

Manx Language Contacts

For further information about lessons, translations and using the language contact:
Adrian Cain, the Manx Language Officer, for Culture Vannin at:


Manx Language Development Officer, 
Fairfield House,
Main Road,
St John's, Mannin,

07624 451098

Talk to Adrian about joining the e-mail list available for those interested in the language.

If you are interested in translation work or helping teach Manx then please get in contact with us at the address above 

For translations into Manx Gaelic then please contact Culture Vannin’s dedicated translation service at: translations (at) 

For information about Yn Çheshaght Ghailckagh contact Chris Sheard at manxgaelicbooks (at)

For information about Mooinjer Veggey playgroups and nurseries then contact Annie Kissack at: annie (at)

For details of Manx language programmes in the Island’s schools then contact Rob Teare at: r.teare (at)

For the work of Caarjyn ny Gaelgey speak to Joan Caine on 843436 

For information about the work of Tantaran Ramsey Manx Group  and lessons in the north of the Island contact Paul Salmon on 451261 and email rhumsaa ( at) or see Tantaran FB page  @TantaranRamsey 

Chloe Woolley can provide details of the Manx music and music programme in the Island’s schools. She can be contacted at: Chloe (at) 

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