Dedicated to the Gaelic Language of the Isle of Man

Language Organisations

There are a number of organisations across the Isle of Man that work to support and promote the Manx language.

Jeebin, the Manx Language Network, was established in 2015. This coordinating body is made up of a number of representatives from different organisations. You can find out more about their work, as well as the current Manx Language Strategy here.  

There are also a number of third-sector Manx Language Organisations, listed below in alphabetical order, along with a website, where applicable:

Caarjyn ny Gaelgey [Facebook page:
Mooinjer Veggey []
Pobble []
Yn Cheshaght Ghailckagh []

(Featured image: Chairman of Manx language charity Pobble, Adrian Cain, together with winners from the 2021 Aundeyr Brian Stowell, an award from Pobble which celebrates individuals using Manx in creative ways)