Dedicated to the Gaelic Language of the Isle of Man


In this section you will find information about teacher-led classes, as well as a large amount of free resources for independent learning. These resources encompass: online lessons featuring audio and text; a breadth of reading material; a range of apps; and a Culture Vannin four-part course for adult learners. The 'Watch & Listen' section of the Learn Manx website also houses useful resources, and is well worth exploring. 

Teacher-Led Learning

Culture Vannin offer a range of in-person and live Zoom classes. New members are welcome: please contact Yn Greinneyder (Manx Language Development Officer) for information on material previously studied. Classes are free to attend, though donations to support the development work of Culture Vannin are greatly appreciated.  

Independent Learning

Learn Manx anywhere, anytime! Below, you can find a menu of different options to help you discover Manx: a range of free online lessons, intuitive apps, structured courses and reading materials.