Dedicated to the Gaelic Language of the Isle of Man


If you would like something translated into Manx, or from Manx into English, Culture Vannin can help. We aim to process translation requests within ten working days, although more complex translations may take longer: we will advise you of this at the time of enquiry.

This service is usually free for short translations of fewer than 50 words. The cost for processing longer translations will depend on the length and complexity of the text, particularly with regard to commercial requests.

We aim to support Government Departments and Local Authorities with regard to the 1985 Select Committee Report on the Use of Manx, and will work with all individuals and organisations to come up with creative solutions to translation requests. We use the expertise of several translators and work with Coonceil ny Gaelgey (Manx Language Advisory Council), who are a committee of Culture Vannin.

You can contact us with translation requests by emailing translations(at) 

It is important to give us the context for the word, phrase, or passage that you require, as this will help us find the best translation for you.

Thank you for supporting and using Manx: Gura mie eu!

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