Dedicated to the Gaelic Language of the Isle of Man
Arrane Oie Voaldyn - Paul Rogers

Mon, 25 Apr 2022

A song about the traditional Manx celebrations of Oie Voaldyn (30 April).

Written and performed in Manx Gaelic by Paul Rogers, the song runs through the traditions and customs of this time of year, from fires and crosses over your doorway to protect against evil, through to the mock battle of summer and winter that proceeds dancing and feasting.

The words are as follows (Manx first, with English translation below):


1. Aileyn lostey ayns dagh ayrn
Cruink as coanyn, mullagh Varrule,
Bwoaill-jee dollan, sheid-jee cayrn,
Geiyrt dagh buitch as scaan ersooyl.

Cochiaull: Noght Oie Voaldyn, aile syn oie,
Daunse-jee marin, nane, jees, three,
Ta'n vadran çheet as ver ee lhee,
Yn Sourey as bluightyn bwee.

2. Druight y voghree son aigh vie,
Yiow mayd eh ec brishey yn laa,
Ver mayd blaaghyn roish y thie,
Croshyn keirn er famman ny baa.

3. Yn ven saaley reih mayd ee,
Son Benrein y Touree ain,
As ayns attey nee mayd fee,
Blaaghyn baney'n villey drine.

4. Hig yn Çheshaght Yeuree magh,
Caggey mooar as keoi vees eh,
Yiow yn Sourey barriaght,
Nee Ree Geuree roie er çhea.

ENGLISH (translation):

1. Fires burning in every part,
Hills and valleys, the summit of Barrule,
Beat drum, blow horn,
Driving away every witch and spectre.

Chorus: Tonight is May Eve, fire in the night,
Dance with us, one, two, three,
The dawn is coming and it will bring,
The Summer and yellow May flowers.

2. Morning dew for good luck,
We will gather it at daybreak,
We will lay flowers before the house,
Rowan crosses on the cow's tail.

3. The fairest woman we shall choose,
For our Summer Queen,
And in a crown we shall weave,
The white flowers of the thorn tree.

4. The Winter Host will come out,
A great and crazy battle it will be,
The Summer will be victorious,
The Winter King will flee.

This song written and performed by Paul Rogers, who won a Culture Vannin prize for a best new song in 2020. More about this competition and the other winners can be found here. More about the Manx traditions of Oie Voaldyn and Laa Boaldyn can be found here

The film footage was recorded at the Oie Voaldyn festival held at the start of May each year in Peel. More about the festival and how to get involved can be found here.The footage was filmed at the 2019 festival in thanks to Visit Isle of Man. This film was produced by Culture Vannin in 2020. Culture Vannin exists to promote and support all aspects of culture in the Isle of Man.