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Arraneyn y Nollick - Christmas Songs. Learn and listen!

Wed, 01 Dec 2021



This Christmas, why not learn, or listen to a Manx Christmas song. From beautiful traditional Manx Gaelic 'carvals' (carols) and lively songs, through to contemporary offerings, there's something for everyone. Below, you'll find a number of videos to enjoy, or learn from, and below you can find links to listen to or learn a variety of other Manx Christmas songs: 

Oikan ayns Bethlehem (Baby in Bethlehem). Listen to a recording. Learn the words here. Find the sheet music here.

  • Shinyn ny Deiney (the performance!) from 'Hello Little People Learn Manx!' Christmas edition

    Watch Michelle and Chloe, from Hello Little People, performing a Manx Christmas song that they had only just learnt in a fun tutorial with Ruth Keggin Gell from Culture Vannin! 'Shinyn ny Deiney' is a song about the three wise men written by Annie Kissack, well-known to young Manx speakers and much-enjoyed in the run-up to Christmas each year...

  • Song tutorial: Hello Little People Learn Manx - Christmas song edition! Shinyn ny Deiney

    Michelle and Chloe of Hello Little People have fun learning a Manx song for Christmas: 'Shinyn ny Deiney,' a song about the three wise men, well-known to young Manx speakers and much-enjoyed in the run-up to Christmas each year... Learn the song, composed by Annie Kissack, along with Hello Little People, who are taught by Ruth Keggin Gell of Culture Vannin.

  • Song tutorial: S'feayr yn oie

    A short lesson on a beautiful and simple Christmastime song in Manx: 'S'feayr yn Oie' - Cold is the night. Composed by Annie Kissack, the song sets simple but touching Manx language lyrics to a beautiful melody, making it a perfect song to learn for all levels of Manx speakers and enthusiasts. The sheet music for this song is available from the Manx Music website.

  • Clinkeraght! Jingle Bells in Manx

    "Clinkeraght, clinkeraght, clinkal sheese y raad... " This is a Manx language version of 'Jingle Bells', performed and animated by pupils of the Bunscoill Ghaelgagh, the Manx language primary school in St. John's, Isle of Man. The song was translated into Manx by Bob Carswell RBV.