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Lessoonyn Meanagh

Intermediate Lessons

lesson 12: Nee Coontysseyr uss? - An Accountant?

We heard in the last lesson She eirinagh eshyn, He's a farmer, [She eirinagh eshyn.] ---------- She eirinagh eshyn. And we can do the same with other descriptions of what people are or do.

She coontysseyr ish - She's an accountant [She coontysseyr ish.] ---------- She coontysseyr ish.

She ughtar mish - I'm an author [She ughtar mish.] ---------- She ughtar mish.

She eirinagh yn ayr aym – The father at me (my father) is a farmer. [She eirinagh yn ayr aym.] ---------- She eirinagh yn ayr aym.

So that's how we can describe ourselves and others. She Gaelgeyr mish, I'm a Manx speaker. [She Gaelgeyr mish.] ---------- She Gaelgeyr mish.

And if we use Nee instead of She, we can turn it into a question. Nee studeyr uss? Are you a student? [Nee studeyr uss?] ---------- Nee studeyr uss?

Nee ben-ynsee Jonee? Is Jonee a teacher? [Nee ben-ynsee Jonee?] ---------- Nee ben-ynsee Jonee?

Nee fuinneyder uss? Are you a baker? [Nee fuinneyder uss?] ---------- Nee fuinneyder uss? So all that we said about what people do, we can turn those into questions by using Nee in place of She.

She moogheyder-aile Sam, Sam is a fireman. She moogheyder-aile Sam.

Nee moogheyder-aile Sam? Is Sam a fireman? Nee moogheyder-aile Sam.

And if Sam is a fireman, our reply would be She. Nee moogheyder-aile Sam?


But what if it's not the case. We've asked the question, Nee? Nee fer-lhee Sam? Is Sam a doctor? Nee Fer-lhee Sam?

Cha nee.

Cha nee, he's not. This sentence construction has its parallels in Scotland and Ireland. It is something that we use when discussing nationality, amongst other things. Nee Manninagh uss? Are you Manx?

She - she Manninagh mish

Nee Sostnagh eshyn? Is he English? [Nee Sostnagh eshyn?] ---------- Nee Sostnagh eshyn?

Nee Albinagh Rob Roy ? Is Rob Roy Scottish? [Nee Albinagh Rob Roy?] ---------- Nee Albinagh Rob Roy?

Quoi ish?

She Blodwyn ish.

Nee Yernagh ish?

Cha nee, she Bretnagh Blodwyn.

Nee Yernagh Blodwyn? Is Blodwyn Irish, Yernagh? She's not, she Bretnagh Blodwyn, Blodwyn is Welsh, Bretnagh.

As shen eh voish lessoon daa-yeig.

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