Dedicated to the Gaelic Language of the Isle of Man


Lessoon Nuy-Jeig

nagh row eh?   
c'raad v'eh?   
yn kayt           
yn cabbyl   
yn moddey         
yn assyl       
yn vooa       
yn cheyrrey   

Nagh row yn kayt ayn?   
Nagh row yn moddey ayn?   
Nagh row yn vooa ayn?   
Nagh row yn cabbyl ayn?   
Nagh row yn assyl ayn?   
Nagh row yn cheyrrey ayn?   
V'ee ayns thie elley   

Nagh row yn cheyrrey faase shen gee?   
C'raad va’n cabbyl gobbraghey jea?   
Va'n assyl fuirraghtyn ec yn dorrys   
Nagh row yn fer-ynsee çheet 'sy ghleashtan?   
C'raad va’n vooa jea?

Va fys aym dy r'ou    
minnid ny ghaa   
ram sleih           
fuirraghtyn ort    

EALISH       V'ou ersooyl rish traa foddey, Voirrey.
                     C'raad v'ou?   
MOIRREY   Va mee ‘sy çhapp.   
EALISH       Ta fys aym, agh v'ou ersooyl rish
                     traa feer foddey.
MOIRREY   Va ram sleih ayn.   
EALISH       V'ou cloie er yn raad, s'cosoylagh.   
MOIRREY   Va, rish minnid ny ghaa. 
EALISH       Va fys aym dy r'ou.
                     Va mish fuirraghtyn ort.
there: in: in him, it
wasn't he?
where was he?
the cat
the horse
the dog
the donkey
the cow
the sheep

Wasn't the cat there (present) ?
Wasn't the dog there?
Wasn't the cow there?
Wasn't the horse there?
Wasn't the donkey there?
Wasn't the sheep there?
She was in another house.

Wasn’t that weak sheep eating?
Where was the horse working yesterday?
The donkey was waiting at the door.
Wasn't the teacher coming in the car.
Where was the cow yesterday?

I knew you were
a time
a couple of minutes
many people
waiting for you

You were away for a long time, Moirrey.
Where were you?
I was in the shop.
I know, but you were away for a very long time.

There were a lot of people there.
You were playing on the way, probably.
Yes, for a couple of minutes.
I knew you were.
I was waiting for you.
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