Dedicated to the Gaelic Language of the Isle of Man


Jeih: e - her

e h-anjeeal   
ec e lhongey       
ec e jinnair   
ec e h-anjeeal       
ec e shibbyr   
ec e kirbyl       
ec e tey   
yn paitçhey   
ny paitçhyn       
yn ven-ynsee   

T'ee ec e lhongey   
T'ee ec e h-anjeeal   
T'ee ec e kirbyl   
T'ee ec e jinnair    .
T'ee ec e shibbyr   
T'ee ec e tey       
Vel ny paitçhyn ec yn çhapp nish?   
Cha nel peiagh erbee ec yn thie   
Ta mee ec yn dorrys        .
Vel yn inneen ec e tey?   
Ta'n ven-ynsee ec e shibbyr   
Cha nel ny paitçhyn ec yn stashoon   

nyn girbyl       

ORREE  C'raad ta ny paitchyn elley, Yuan?   
JUAN    T'ad ooilley 'sy scoill.    T'ad ec nyn girbyl.   
ORREE  As c’raad ta' n ven-ynsee?       
JUAN    T'ish 'sy thie.    T'ee ec e kirbyl.     
ORREE  Vel Moirrey ec e kirbyl foast?   
JUAN    Ta. T'ee sthie 'sy schoill       

her breakfast
at her meal
at her dinner
at her breakfast
at her supper
at her lunch
at her tea
the child
the children
the teacher (woman)

She is at her meal.
She is at her breakfast
She is at her lunch.
She is at her dinner
She is at her supper.
She is at her tea.
Are the children at the shop now?
There's no one at the house.
I am at the door
Is the girl at her tea?
The teacher is at her supper.
The children are not at the station.

their lunch
yet, still

Where are the other children, Juan?
They are all in the school. They're at their lunch.
And where's the teacher?
She's in the house. She's at her lunch.
Is Moirrey at her lunch still?
Yes. She's inside, in the school.
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