Dedicated to the Gaelic Language of the Isle of Man


Lessoon Daeed

da'n; da ny
da Juan
da'n dooinney
hug eh punt da'n dooinney
da' n ghuilley
shiaght punt jeig
hoght punt jeig
nuy punt jeig
feed punt
jeih punt as feed
daeed punt

Hug eh shiaght punt jeig da
Hug eh hoght punt jeig da
Hug eh nuy punt jeig da
Hug eh feed punt da
Hug eh jeih punt as feed da
Hug eh daeed punt da .

Hug mee feed punt da'n fer-shapp
Hug mee hoght punt jeig son yn daawheeyl
Quoid hug oo da ?
Quoid hug oo er e hon ?
Cha dug mee agh jeih pingyn as feed da'n taggyrt.
Cha dug oo yn argid shen da’n ven- ynsee.

chionnee mee
carrey aym
shiaghtyn ny ghaa
jeant magh

JAMYS Ta mee fakin dy vel scughan ayd nish, Orree
ORREE Ta, chionnee mee eh shiaghtyn ny ghaa
JAMYS Fer noa, nee ?
ORREE Cha nee, v'eh ec carrey aym,
as chionnee eshyn fer noa.
JAMYS Dug oo ram er e hon ?
ORREE Cha dug mee agh £18 da my charrey,
as v'eh jeant magh.
Cha row eh deyr
JAMYS Va shen neu-gheyr dy-liooar.
to the
to Juan
to the man
he gave a pound to the man
to the boy
to him
seventeen pounds
eighteen pounds
nineteen pounds
twenty pounds
thirty pounds
forty pounds

He gave him 17 pounds.
He gave him 18 pounds.
He gave him 19 pounds.
He gave him 20 pounds.
He gave him 30 pounds.
He gave him 40 pounds

I gave the shopkeeper £20.
I gave £18 for the bicycle.
How much did you give him ?
How much did you give for it ?
I gave the priest only thirty pence.
You didn't you give that money to the teacher

he (emphatic)
I bought
a scooter
a friend of mine
a week
a week or two

Orree. I see you have a scooter now, Orree.
Yes, I bought it a week or two ago.

A new one, is it ?
No a friend of mine had it, and he bought a new one

Did you pay much for it ?
I gave my friend only £18,
and he was satisfied.
It wasn't dear.
That was cheap enough.
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