Dedicated to the Gaelic Language of the Isle of Man


Lessoon Nane-Jeig as Daeed

cha nel eh çheet
er-lhiam nagh vel eh çheet

ta mee clashtyn
ta mee gra

Er-lhiam nagh vel eh çheet
Er-lhiam nagh vel eh goll
Er-lhiam nagh vel eh tannaghtyn
Er-lhiam nagh vel eh geaishtagh
Er-lhiam nagh vel eh gobbraghey
Er-lhiam nagh vel eh jeeaghyn

Ta mee clashtyn nagh vel yn peiagh shen çheet
Ta mee gra nagh vel oo geaishtagh
Ta mee clashtyn nagh vel dty ayr
g'obbraghey er chor erbee
Er-lhiam nagh vel yn fer-post ersooyl foast
Ta mee credjal nagh vel peiagh erbee elley tannaghtyn
Nagh vel oo credjal dy vel yn meoir-shee çheet ?

cha nel mee er n'akin
rish tammylt foddey
ny laaghyn shoh
ny lhie
'sy lhiabbee

ORREE Cha nel mee er n’akin Peddyr rish
tammylt foddey.
EALISH Va mughane echey shiaghtin
er dy henney as v'eh ny lhie.
ORREE Ta mee clashtyn nagh vel eh gobbraghey
ny laaghyn shoh.
EALISH Cha nel yn mughane ersooyl, s'cosoylagh.
ORREE Row eh cho olk as shen ?
EALISH Cha row, agh s'mie lesh ve 'sy lhiabbee.
ORREE Er-lhiam dy vel eh kiart. Boayl mie t'ayn.
I think
he isn't coming
I think he's not coming.

I hear
I say

I think he's not coming.
I think he's not going.
I think he's not staying.
I think he's not listening.
I think he's not working.
I think he's not looking.

I hear that that person isn't coming.
I say that you aren't listening.
I hear your father isn't working at all.

I think the postman isn't gone yet.
I believe no one else is staying.
Don't you believe the policeman is coming ?

I haven't seen
for a long time
these days
lying down
a cold
in bed

I haven't seen Peddyr for a long time.

He had a cold a week ago and he was in bed.

I hear he's not working these days.

Probably the cold hasn't gone.
Was he as bad as that ?
No, but he likes being in bed.
I think he's right. It's a good place.
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