Dedicated to the Gaelic Language of the Isle of Man


Lessoon Tree as Daeed


yn claare mooar
yn phash-hey vooar
yn phodjal vooar
yn claare beg
yn phash-hey veg
yn phodjal veg


(ny) cur dou
(ny) jeeagh dou
(ny) fow dou
Cur dou yn claare mooar
Cur dou yn phash hey vooar
Cur dou yn phodjal vooar
Cur dou yn claare beg
Cur dou yn phash-hey veg
Cur dou yn phodjal veg

Ny cur dou yn pheesh vooar
Jeeagh dou yn fer beg
Cur dou yn red beg shen
Fow dou yn gooyn beg shen
Ny fow kishtey mooar nish
By vie lhiam yn ooyl mooar shen

s'mie lhiam
S’mie lhiat ?
by vie lhiat ?
ro vie
er chor erbee

EALISH By vie lhiat peesh jeh’n verreen shoh, Chirree?
KIRREE Cur dou peesh veg, my saillt.
EALISH Gow peesh vooar. Shoh ee.
KIRREE Gura mie ayd. Ren uss hene eh ?
EALISH Ren. S'mie lhiat eh ?
KIRREE S'mie lhiam eh, dy-jarroo. T'eh feer jesh.
EALISH Well, cha s'aym. Cha nel eh ro vie er chor erbee.


the big plate
the big teapot
the big jug
the small plate
the small teapot
the small jug

a piece

(don't) give me
(don't) show me
(don't) get me
Give me the big plate
Give me the big teapot
Give me the big jug
Give me the small plate
Give me the small teapot
Give me the small jug

Don't give me the big piece.
Show me the small one.
Give me that little thing.
Get that small frock for me.
Don't get a big box now.
I'd like that big apple.

I like
do you like ?
would you like ?
a cake
too good
at all

Would you like a piece of this cake, Kirree ?
Give me a small piece, please.
Take a big piece. Here it is.
Thanks. Did you make it yourself ?
Yes. Do you like it ?
I do indeed. It's very nice.
Well, I don't know. It's not too good at all.
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