Dedicated to the Gaelic Language of the Isle of Man


Nane as Feed: quoid? how much?

queig pingyn    

T'eh costal punt   
Ren eh costal punt

kiare pingyn   
daa phing       
queig pingyn   
tree pingyn       
shey pingyn   
feed ping   
daeed ping   
Ren eh costal punt

Ren eh costal daa phunt   
Ren eh costal tree punt   
Ren eh costal kiare punt   
Ren eh costal queig punt   
Ren eh costal shey punt   
Quoid ta'n boayrd costal nish?
T'eh costal queig punt        .
Cha nel, t'eh costal queig punt as feed ping.   

Ren yn tey costal daeed ping   
Nagh ren eh costal shey pingyn, Vummig?   

shen ooilley   
red erbee elley   
my saillt

KIRREE    Fastyr mie, Ealish.   
EALISH    Fastyr mie.
                  Quoid ta'n eeym costal jiu?
KIRREE    Feed ping y punt.   
EALISH    Daa phunt, my saillt.   
KIRREE    Red erbee elley nish?   
EALISH    Kiare punt dy hugyr neesht. Shen ooilley.
KIRREE    Gura mie ayd. Slane lhiat
how much?
a penny
a pound
a half-penny
five pence

it costs a pound
it cost a pound

a penny
four pence
two pence
five pence
three pence
six pence
twenty pence   
forty pence
It cost a pound.

It cost two pounds.
It cost three pounds.
It cost four pounds.
It cost five pounds.
It cost six pounds.
How much does the table cost now?
It costs five pounds.
No, it costs five pounds and twenty pence.
The tea cost forty pence.
Didn't it cost six pence, mummy?

that's all
anything else

Good afternoon, Ealish.
Good afternoon.
How much is the butter today?
Twenty pence a pound.
Two pounds, please.
Anything else now?
Four pounds of sugar as well. That's all.
Thank you. Goodbye.
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