Dedicated to the Gaelic Language of the Isle of Man


Shey as Feed: did he...?

jimmee eh?
nagh hooill eh?
jagh eh?
nagh lheim eh?

daink eh?
roie eh?
nagh roie eh?
jagh eh?
hooill eh?
daink eh?
lheim eh?
roie eh?
huitt eh?

Nagh jagh ny guillyn dy valley?
Daink ny h-inneenyn dys y scoill?
Cha roie ad stiagh 'sy thie
Hooill yn dooinney seose yn chabbal
Nagh Lheim yn kayt stiagh 'sy chishtey shen?
Huitt yn bayrn sheese 'syn ushtey?

my saillt

ORREE Fastyr mie
KIRREE Fastyr mie, Orree.
ORREE Nagh vel Tobm er jeet foast?
KIRREE Cha nel; nagh vel eh anmagh noght?
ORREE Ta, dy jarroo. Nagh nee laa mie v'ayn?
KIRREE V'eh aalin. .
ORREE Pynt, my saillt. .
KIRREE Kiart dy liooar.
did he go off?
didn't he walk?
did he go?
didn't he jump?

did he come?
did he run?
didn't he run?
did he go?
did he walk?
did he come?
did he jump?
did he run?
did he fall?

Didn't the boys go home?
Did the girls come to the school?
They didn't run into the house.
The man walked up the chapel.
Didn’t the cat jump into that box?
Did the cap fall down into the water?

if you please

Good evening
Good evening, Orree.
Hasn't Tobm come yet?
No; isn't he late tonight?
Yes, indeed. Wasn't it a good day?
It was beautiful
A pint, please
Right enough.
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